SOURCE: IDS Worldwide, Inc.

June 22, 2006 11:55 ET

IDS and HLS to Unveil New Biometric Products and Public Acquisitions Plans Pre-Market June 23, 2006

HLS to Reveal US Security Acquisition Plans

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 22, 2006 -- IDS Worldwide, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IDWD) reported that in the last hour the company has received delivery of new breakthrough biometric products that will be jointly marketed by IDS and HLS Worldwide, Inc. After spending the last two days in New York meeting with their advisors HLS executives will fly to Orlando this evening to meet with IDS executives and advisors.

During this meeting HLS will reveal to IDS their initial public acquisitions intended in the United States. IDS and HLS will issue a joint press release pre-market tomorrow detailing these decisions. IDS and HLS will also reveal particular details regarding the new biometric products. HLS and IDS feel each product individually will surpass the previous sales estimates for the HLS 1GB Biometric Encryption USB Flash Drive in the coming year. Once again establishing and further branding HLS Worldwide as the leading biometric technology developer in the world.

IDS and HLS have been made aware of many erroneous postings in internet chat forums claiming to be able to purchase the same HLS flash drive for under $100. IDS response to these posts pointed out that the posts were comparing a generic 256MB Biometric Flash Drive to HLS 1GB Biometric Encryption Flash Drive. Furthermore, while most outer bodies for the USB Biometric Flash Drives on the market are produced by one particular company, the interior engineering and software are exactly what makes HLS the most advanced biometric flash drive in the world. The Samsung microprocessor used in HLS Flash Drive, while many flash drives on the market use Samsung memory processors, was custom designed by HLS scientists and engineers in conjunction with Samsung. These custom Samsung processors will not be available to any other manufacturer in the world. Additionally, HLS Biometric Flash Drive uses the most advanced capacitance biometric chip in the world manufactured by Authentec. Most examples posted in comparison use inferior biometric chips from Taiwan and Korea. Finally, HLS Biometric Flash Drives, unlike competitors products that only protect the flash drive and certain encrypted files, protects the Biometric Flash Drive, any computer that it is installed on and finally if used on an intranet (such as online banking) and HLS encryption is placed on the mainframe, then all transmissions across the internet backbone are also encrypted by HLS proprietary 384-Bit Algorithm which is the highest level of encryption of any Biometric USB Flash Drive on the market. HLS Biometric Flash Drive is the only product in the world that once installed prevents any laptop, desktop or mainframe to be turned on and/hacked without the appropriate biometric and encrypted authorization from the "live beating" fingerprint of the authorized user.

IDS and HLS are confident that it will continue to develop strategic products to enhance IT and perimeter security through biometrics.

HLS now believes that unit sales will far surpass the original 2 million units and be closer to 5 Million units in the 2006-2007 timeframe. IDS and HLS are extremely pleased that in a very short period of time tech and security savvy buyers have validated the superiority of HLS Biometric Encryption Flash Drive technology thru their purchases. HLS today reported to IDS that it has significantly increased manufacturing capacity both with facilities and personnel in the last ten days and therefore, have cut delivery time for online sales down from 4-6 weeks to 2-3 weeks. IDS and HLS are hopeful that as manufactured inventories satisfy the huge initial orders that delivery time for individual orders online can be reduced to less than 48 hours this quarter. HLS is spending over $2 Million this quarter for current factory modifications and Millions more on new factory acquisitions in the United States.

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