SOURCE: IDS Worldwide, Inc.

February 27, 2007 17:10 ET

IDS Worldwide, Inc. Informs Some Investors Missed Conference Due to Transposed Access Number

IDS Releases Body of Web Conference Call

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 27, 2007 -- IDS Worldwide, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IDWD) announced today that it updated investors through a web conference call. Although hundreds received access to the conference some received transposed access numbers and could not get on the conference. Therefore IDS upon hearing of this problem has decided to release the body of the conference immediately.

Welcome to IDS Worldwide Shareholder Update

Since becoming a public company a little over 18 months ago, IDS has developed cutting-edge technologies that will provide security for computer and Internet clients never before available. IDS is proud of these accomplishments since the vehicle used to go public was a "reverse merger" and the company received no capital from the investing public.

IDS Worldwide, unlike other Pink Sheets companies that have increased 100's of millions of shares outstanding since their going public, has reduced its outstanding shares which at the time of the reverse merger were over 50 million, thus significantly increasing shareholder value. IDS emphatically states that any reports of 70-100 million outstanding are completely erroneous, as its outstanding share amount has never exceeded the amount of the 1st public trading day.

IDS Worldwide is mainly an inventor of either new or improved technology products that once completed are sold to companies with worldwide marketing distribution capabilities.

IDS is very proud of the biometric technology invented that has allowed the company to arrange for the sale of this group of products that will produce a significant return for its shareholders. The complexity of these transactions as the events progress are very fluid situations and have made the timeframe to completion greater than all parties anticipated.

IDS and HLS Worldwide are now beginning to see ever-increasing progress with the rapid acceptance of the biometric products that have been purchased by government and business industries from countries around the world.

For example, entire police departments have adopted the HLS biometric flash drive as the best product available to protect laptops in patrol cars. In March, the HLS biometric products will be featured in full-page ads in both Law Enforcement Product News and Law Enforcement Technology News that is distributed to over 33,000 public safety offices.

Banks have begun testing products for implementation systemwide of the biometric mouse for access control and time and attendance functions.

The biometric phone auction and sales are now in the 2nd round of negotiations with investment parties in Asia, Europe, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and in North America by industry experts that brought the 1st cell phones to the United States. In the past 72 hours 2 additional parties have requested to be included in these negotiations. IDS executives are assisting HLS in every stage of the negotiations including talks today with leading industry experts here in the United States. IDS is also assisting in the process by developing additional software technologies the will enable the biometric cell phones to operate with the biometric mouse being deployed in banks and retail locations.

HLS has informed IDS that the 2nd round of meetings occurring today and the rest of the week are formal funding offers.

IDS is confident that this auction and sales process although slow and tedious at times has already attracted some of the top experts and money advisors in the world and will produce the revenues necessary to conclude the buyout and dividend transactions previously negotiated.

Since these actions will produce the greatest return for IDS shareholders, IDS has chosen to postpone the transaction to focus its time and efforts on concluding these cell phone transactions.

Forward-Looking Statements

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