SOURCE: IDS Worldwide, Inc.

April 11, 2006 09:54 ET

IDS Worldwide, Inc. Receives Additional Increased Offer for Equity Purchase

IDS Updates Portal and Equity Purchase Negotiations

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- IDS Worldwide, Inc. (OTC: IDWD) previously announced that it received an offer for a minority interest in that IDS Board of Directors deemed inadequate. In subsequent discussions during the last week the offer was increased 40%. IDS has received a 3rd additional increased offer that will be reviewed this afternoon. IDS expects this will be the final increased offer and the company will make its decision based on this final offer to enable to proceed with its own registration statement.

IDS further announced today that the company has launched the redesigned portal. IDS programmers and designers have spent the past 10 weeks reprogramming millions of lines of code in PG SQL, a newer advanced programming language used by some leading major portals such as Yahoo. IDS programmers wrote a new proprietary software code during this redesign to increase loading and search speeds.

IDS believes that with its present crisp look, faster loading times ( now loads as fast as such major portals as Yahoo and MSN) is now reaching the goal to be one of the fastest and well designed portals for buyers and sellers of cars, boats, trucks, cycles, RVs and Real Estate. The portals already offers significant advantages for users with ad savings of up to 500% over other leading portals. IDS is pleased that has been able to achieve in less than 1 year what has taken major competitors 6 years and more to accomplish. IDS engineers will complete loading the new databases (programmed in the advance PG SQL language) this week that will result in search speeds equal to or faster than the leading portals on the Internet.

IDS CEO, Patrick Downs stated, "I have previously stated many times that IDS business model is to shape all its technology and assets for long term shareholder growth. IDS firmly believes that the advanced design and speed now achieved by the programming of millions of lines of code in this advanced language format will over time put the portal on par with the leading Internet portals that have existed for years. IDS expects this upgrade to the portal to translate into vastly increased revenues and profits for the company. It is for these very reasons that IDS is careful not to take unreasonably low offers for equity in with offers based only on its present value."

The IPO for IDS division will also involve issuing free trading common stock and warrants in to shareholders of IDS common stock (IDWD) at the time of the filing. The transfer agent will provide IDS with a list of all shareholders at the time of the filing so these shareholders pro-rata shares can be registered with the IPO in accordance with SEC regulations allowing the share to be free trading upon issuance. IDS plans to offer the shares in the IPO at $5.00 per unit consisting of one common share and one warrant with an exercise price of $7.50 valid for 3 years.

IDS HLS Division Executives after returning from a very successful ISC West convention has scheduled several meetings with Government agencies and banks for the next 10 days after receiving requests from these contacts for immediate implementation of HLS Proprietary Biometric 384-Bit Encryption USB Flash Drive for their IT security in both main offices and field laptop situations.

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