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February 09, 2006 10:01 ET

IDS Worldwide, Inc. Sets Special Dividend Record Date

IDS Sets Record Date for Special Dividend as March 17, 2006

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 9, 2006 --IDS Worldwide, Inc. (OTC: IDWD) today announced that, following the IDS Worldwide, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting yesterday, IDS has set the record date determined for the Special Dividend. IDS has set the record date as March 17, 2006, ST. PATRICK'S DAY. All common stockholders who own IDS Worldwide, Inc. (IDWD) by this record date (allowing for 3 day settlement period) will qualify for the Special Dividend. IDS has determined the final valuation of the Special Dividend, related to the sale of a minority interest in IDS Homeland Security Division (HLS), has been increased to a value of $1.10 per common share of IDS Worldwide, Inc. (IDWD).

The exponential growth of the HLS Division and new technology being released this quarter for HLS Biometric Encryption technology, has led to this increased valuation. IDS HLS Division orders to Tyco Division DSC yesterday exceeded company records by over 400% as the HLS Division continues to experience triple digit growth. HLS Division also signed an additional Nationwide Retail Chain, Raja Sahab, with locations in 4 major cities in Pakistan for Fire and Security Protection Services.

IDS HLS Division expects the patent filing for this technology to be effective this week. This technology will give IDS HLS Division the highest IT Security Product available in the world combining Biometric Technology and IDS HLS Division proprietary 384 Bit Encryption Algorithm. Identity Theft and IT Security breaches have become rampant in the United States, estimated currently at an $11 Billion market and experiencing double-digit growth each of the last three years. IDS HLS Division Biometric USB Flash Drive with 384 Bit Encryption will provide the world's first plug-and-play solution that makes both hardware and Internet backbone data transmission virtually hack proof. Even if a customer's laptop is stolen, the operating system could not be accessed without the authorized user's "live beating fingerprint" and the embedded proprietary 384 Bit Algorithm in the biometric USB flash drive. This new technology will allow banks and brokerage houses to offer the most advanced IT Security available for their online banking customers. IDS HLS Division will begin shipping these units in the current quarter.

Shareholders must own the stock BEFORE the ex-dividend date, which will be set by the NASD. The ex-dividend date set by the NASD can be 2 DAYS PRIOR TO THE RECORD DATE.

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