SOURCE: The Inexhaustible Energy & Power Corp.

February 01, 2011 12:11 ET

IE&P Introduces the World's First Power Plant Design That Produces Megawatts of "Electricity" Utilizing Only Naturally Occurring Sources of Potential Energy

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - The Inexhaustible Energy & Power Corporation announced today that it has acquired the Marketing rights to license the use of the first electrical power generation plant design that utilizes a Gravity Engine to generate multi Megawatts of continuously generated, totally green, ultra-clean, decentralized electrical power.

According to Jim Berling, CEO and Founder of IE&P, "The Gravity Engine Electric Power Generation Plant (GEEPGP) will be the only power plant design in the world that utilizes naturally occurring sources of potential energy (NOSOPE) as its sole source of externally supplied energy for its operation, making it the most efficient and totally Green electrical power generating source available."

The Gravity Engine's continuous power output is established by its physical size and the number of engines that are operated as a system. The current configuration of the GEEPGP prototype would be capable of generating 70 Megawatts of ultra clean ac-electrical power utilizing gravity, atmospheric pressure, head pressure, and buoyancy, as the sole sources of input energy for the GEEPGP's operation. It is Important to note that all of the NOSOPE utilized by the Gravity Engine are all inexhaustible, infinitely available, totally free, and exist everywhere.

The GEEPGP's unique design will have no pollution generating effects on our environment and has the potential to equal or exceed all of the capabilities of electrical power producing sources such as solar panels, wind turbines and all other forms of green power producing sources. Furthermore, the GEEPGP's design has virtually none of the negative aspects associated with other major electrical power generation plants that utilize coal, nuclear, petrochemical or other types of fossil fuels.

The mission of the Inexhaustible Energy & Power Corporation is to support the implementation and the exploitation of the GEEPGP's design and to market this new technology, throughout the world. The Patent-Pending Gravity Engine invention has been under development for a number of years and is the brainchild of Jim Berling. Mr. Berling has spent the last 50+ years working with thermal and fast breeder nuclear reactors and conducting materials research for rocket booster technology, the US space shuttle program, gas turbine aircraft engines and turbo machinery for electric power generation devices.

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