The Cruising DVDs

The Cruising DVDs

November 18, 2005 15:33 ET

If you are cruising or have The Dream to go someday...

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 18, 2005) - From seamanship to Customs and boat registration procedures, this new series is a video cruising guide for setting sail to The Bahamas and Caribbean islands. The information is communicated on these interactive disks in short video clips, location by location. Take a disk aboard for the DVD drive on a laptop, rather than a heavy book that takes up precious space. Or on a home computer, browse through location photos, digital video, narratives and Local Knowledge of the key services in each harbor and anchorage (water, fuel, supplies, dinghy dock, laundry, trash, propane...).

"Lots of people have The Dream to go cruising. But you may be wondering about how to even start... How large a boat is required? Doesn't it pitch (and heel) on ocean passages? What about getting seasick? Is there space for a family on a single boat (or even on a megayacht)? What is it like sailing out of sight of land? Sailing at night (with/without the moon)? Can you actually sail across miles and miles of vacant ocean and find a tiny island? Will repairs be needed along the way? What then?"

As the skipper, Craig Summers describes his family's adventure: "When we moved aboard with two boys aged 11 and 14, we had to organize home schooling, trade house for boat, put things in storage, and figure out what would be needed to sufficiently outfit the boat for all contingencies. Then we set out for locations that we initially knew very little about, from the Intracoastal Waterway through The Bahamas to The Caribbean." The footage of remote sailing destinations and the cruising information on these disks is the result of that two-year voyage throughout the islands. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

"Did you know that if you wanted to contain your budget, you could travel the entire Intracoastal Waterway and boat through the Bahamas without staying one night in a marina? Sometimes you may want to dock, perhaps to explore a historic city. But you may also want to anchor off a pristine beach or barbecue dinner off your own stern rail in your bathing suit. Whether you are underway now, or dreaming of a future trip, you will learn new skills with the disks in this series and gain a better understanding of how to float off, and where to head on your own extended cruise."

Volume 1: The Turks & Caicos to The Virgin Islands and The Leeward
Islands of The Caribbean
(ISBN 0-9734971-0-6 US$19.95)

The Turquoise Waters of The Bahamas series:

Volume 2: The Gulf Stream to Mayaguana Island $19.95 US
(ISBN 0-9734971-2-2 US$19.95)

Volume 3: The Exumas
(ISBN 0-9734971-4-9 US$19.95)

Volume 4: The Abacos
(ISBN 0-9734971-6-5 US$19.95)

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