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Messe Berlin GmbH

August 31, 2005 03:21 ET

IFA 2005: A Display of Exciting Innovations; Sharp Rise in Number of Exhibitors and Display Space

BERLIN--(CCNMatthews - Aug 31, 2005) -

This year's IFA (2 - 7 Sept.) continues to provide the impetus for the worldwide expansion of the consumer electronics industry. The 160,000 m(2) of hall space and numerous outdoor sites at the IFA will feature displays by 1,189 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, setting a new record at the IFA 2005 for the numbers of exhibitors, which have risen 15 per cent compared with the last event.

The leading exhibitors at this year's IFA will include such major names as ARD, Deutsche Telekom AG, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, harman consumer group international, Philips and Vestel, some of them occupying areas of as much as 6,000 sq. metres. And around half of all those exhibiting at this event are also investing more in their product presentations and their reception areas for dealers. Apart from increased international participation the IFA is also seeing an upsurge in the numbers of German exhibitors.

Moreover companies such as Intel, Ingram Micro and Canon are either rediscovering the attractions of the IFA or in some cases are among the newcomers to this event. Within the general context of home entertainment Intel, the world's largest semi-conductor manufacturer, is taking over an entire hall (7.2) for its display of outstanding products for information technology, networking and communications. Ingram Micro, the world's no.1 distributor of technology products, is launching its V7-Videoseven brand for LCD televisions in Hall 1.2. Canon is returning to the Berlin Exhibition Grounds after an absence of several years, with the very latest in digital imaging on an outdoor display covering some 1,400 m(2).

As Dr. Christian Goke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin, pointed out: "The IFA 2005 is the only worldwide event for the consumer electronics industry with such innovative strengths and positive growth prospects. For those exhibitors from the IT sector who are appearing for the first time at the IFA we are helping to pave the way to meet the challenges of the digital revolution."

New trends at the IFA in 2005

Among the most spectacular trends are the introduction of a new generation of television sets, ushering in large, flat home cinema screens in the 16:9 format. What was already apparent as an exciting technical development at the IFA 2003 is now determining the future of wide areas of the market in 2005. Screen diagonals of up to 160 centimetres and more are no longer a rarity even among mass produced units.

The IFA 2005 is an opportunity right now to see the extent to which the television of the future will benefit from the introduction of High Definition Television (HDTV). Hans- Joachim Kamp, member of the Supervisory Board of the gfu, Chairman of the Consumer Electronics trade association in the ZVEI and Chairman of the Board of the IFA, states: "Accompanied by the ubiquitous signs of digitalisation and the new display technologies, the industry is coming to Berlin for the IFA 2005 in a mood of confidence and optimism."

Exhibitors at the IFA are also demonstrating the media that can already be used with high definition, large screen sets. These include, for example, the first camcorders that can shoot digital videos in HD quality, and digital cameras that can supply high definition photos to create impressive slide shows.

Films on HD media will not be available in larger numbers until next year, when a choice of two new media formats will be available: the Blu-ray Disc and the HD-DVD. The IFA is displaying the first prototypes of playback and recording equipment for these new media. Digitalisation, and with it the trend towards even better quality, continues to make advances among audio media too.

The limitations of what is technically feasible with regard to sound are being demonstrated in the HiFi/High End section of the exhibition in the halls surrounding the Funkturm, Berlin's radio tower. Among the exhibits at this show, the largest hifi display anywhere on the globe, are the world's most expensive hifi system, valued in the millions, incorporating all the features that real hifi enthusiasts can only dream of.

Music for those on the move is another popular trend that is widely featured at the IFA: MP3 players, often equipped with tiny hard drives to store thousands of CDs and enabling them to fit into a pocket are very much in favour, both at the fair and on the world market.

According to Dr. Rainer Hecker, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Gesellschaft fur Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik (gfu): "Consumer electronics products are attractive, bring enjoyment and exert their own particular fascination. We are therefore convinced that the unique diversity of the IFA 2005, with its exciting, high quality and advanced innovations, is genuinely helping to stimulate demand and will give a further, positive boost to the commercial development of this sector.

IFA International Keynotes

Each day at 9.45 a.m. from 2 to 5 September 2005 a leading manager from the consumer electronics (CE) sector will be speaking at the IFA about the latest product developments and strategies for the future. The subject matter of the IFA International Keynotes will concentrate on innovative ideas for life, which not only hold out the promise of technological progress for mankind but also make it easier for us in our dealings with technology. During the IFA 2005 this outstanding technical forum offers trade visitors from Germany and around the world an opportunity to immerse themselves in consumer electronics and to obtain first hand information. In addition to Fumio Ohtsubo, Rudy Provoost, CEO Philips Consumer Electronics and President of EICTA, Don MacDonald, Vice President and General Manager Digital Home Group, Intel Corporation, and Kai-Uwe Ricke, CEO Deutsche Telekom AG have all accepted the invitation to attend.

High definition television in Hall 26

At this year's IFA (2-7 Sept. 2005) a whole display area in Hall 26 is devoted to the highly topical subject of High Definition Television (HDTV), under the slogan "TV in a new dimension - Come in and enjoy". Some 80 exhibitors from 19 countries are presenting numerous High Definition (HD) products on an area measuring more than 10,000 m(2). Visitors to the IFA first made the acquaintance of high definition television (HDTV) twenty years ago during the fair's Technical and Scientific Programme. HDTV, as the ultimate system of achieving technically improved pictures, is entering the second round at the IFA 2005 and a foretaste is being given of the HDTV transmissions for the 2006 World Cup in Hall 26, where the public will be able to see some of the many aspects of High Definition Television that will be featured on an activity area around the 550 sq. metre IFA HDTV Sportsbar. The focal point of the IFA HDTV Sportsbar is an American diner in the style of the internationally known sports bar, with some 30 flat screen displays. The IFA HDTV Sportsbar concept is completed by the use of various lounges set in the corners, a grandstand based on those found in sports stadiums, and a basketball court.

Digital Entertainment & Music

The IFA Digital Music Lounge in Hall 1.1 has been designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in music, and especially to younger visitors to the IFA. Here the latest trends in the music scene are being presented by some of the leading names in this field such as Native Instruments GmbH, one of the leaders in the music and audio software market, and Gravis. The Music Media Park, featuring IFAtours and, provides a behind-the-scenes look at career opportunities from 5 to 7 September 2005. Companies on the Exhibition Grounds, and a number in Berlin too, will be presenting practical job prospects in music, the media and electronics.

There will be products and 20-minute stage presentations from Native Instruments. The latest programmes for professional DJs will be shown by specialist suppliers of these products and by DJ Kabuki, one of the longest-serving and best-known drum&bass DJs in Germany. There will also be workshops with inside tips and the answers to many questions.

A particular highlight of this section of the exhibition will be the IFA-Podcast World, a joint venture by Gravis, Audible & Apple. When those in the know talk of "podcasting" they mean the compilation of audio data in the mp3 format (podcast), which can then be made available on the internet for downloading. The programme will include round table discussions and panels with prominent guests including Giovanni di Lorenzo (DIE ZEIT), Mousse T (singer), Wladimir Kaminer (author) and Annik Rubens (Schlaflos in Munchen, podcaster).

IFA Reseller Parks in Hall 4.2

The Reseller Parks concept proved a success at the IFA 2003 and is being continued in 2005. Between 2 and 7 September 2005 on an area measuring some 790 sq. m. dealers at the IFA Communication and IFA Computing Reseller Parks in Hall 4.2 will have direct access to exhibitors and information about specialist dealers. One of the main exhibitors this year is Siemens, which has reserved an area of almost 100 sq. m. in the Communication Reseller Park. These Reseller Parks met exhibitors' expectations in 2003 as places where dealers and the ultimate users could obtain information and advice. Once again the design of the IFA Reseller Parks 2005 is the result of a joint effort by the trade fair organisers Global FairsTT-Messe (Osnabruck) and industry associations.

Miss IFA - ambassador for the world's largest CE fair

In 2005 Miss IFA appears in a completely new outfit. Miss IFA has been representing the world's largest consumer electronics fair in a virtual context since 2001, in 2003 she assumed a real form, and she is now a living, key visual for the IFA 2005. The young redhead will feature in all aspects of communication and publicity involving the IFA. Her face can be seen on all the posters and she will also be present at the various presentations and press conferences as well as at events for exhibitors.

Miss IFA, ambassador of the world's largest consumer electronics fair, will be wearing a brand new outfit when she opens what will be the event for the industry this year in Berlin. Her appearances at the IFA will be attractive and feminine, vivacious and cosmopolitan. Her outfit has been specially created by the Berlin-based designer Evelin Brandt, whose EVELIN BRANDT BERLIN label has been a leading name in the fashion world for some 15 years.

Exhibition "Albert Einstein - Engineer of the Universe" at TWF Hall 5.3

Einstein is being commemorated in 2005, and the organisers and the executive company of the IFA 2005, Gesellschaft fur Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik GmbH (gfu) and Messe Berlin GmbH, are using the occasion to recall the opening address given by the world famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein 75 years ago at the radio exhibition, the Grosse Deutsche Funkausstellung in Berlin. Max-Planck-Gesellschaft is staging an exhibition at the IFA to commemorate a significant 75th anniversary, under the title "Albert Einstein - Engineer of the Universe". This exhibition, which has been designed by the Max-Planck Institute for the History of Science, provides a virtual world for visitors to explore, where they can experience the various media stations of the Einstein exhibition online.

A unique opportunity is being provided for visitors to the IFA, firstly to retrace some of the developments in the history of science that are associated with Einstein, and secondly to experience live the rapid pace at which technological advances are taking place at the present time in the consumer electronics sector.

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