August 03, 2016 06:00 ET

iGR White Papers Provide Extensive Base of Research on Mobile Edge Computing

Sponsored by ADLINK, the White Papers Cover Various Technical Aspects of the New Technology

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - August 03, 2016) - Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a new option for mobile network operators who are trying to stay ahead of the ever increasing demand for mobile data. Its key value proposition is that it allows an operator to provide new services by opening up their RAN edge. It does this by placing smart nodes at the edge of a mobile network, for example, right where small cells would likely be placed. These nodes can run virtualized software on general purpose server hardware all housed within a secure form factor. These edge nodes can emulate parts of the core network, serve as reliable caching units and/or run virtualized applications from any number of an operator's developer partners.

Over the last 12 months, iGR, a market research consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile industry, has released three white papers, sponsored by ADLINK, that discuss MEC. Additionally, iGR and ADLINK have presented three separate MEC webinars, which are available for free download.

"Mobile edge computing is a significant tool for mobile operators," said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR. "Not only will it help operators meet the growing mobile demand seen today on LTE networks, it can also help operators meet the low latency requirements of a 5G network and monetize the network and create new revenue streams."

Following is a summary of the three white papers and associated webinars, along with a link to either the iGR or ADLINK website, where they can all be downloaded at no charge.

MEC will play a critical role in making 5G a reality and improving the mobile customer experience for millions of subscribers around the globe. The following white paper and webinar discuss the ETSI standard for mobile edge computing, how MEC can be deployed, and the benefits it provides to operators and mobile subscribers.

Mobile Edge Computing: The Edge is the Future []
Mobile Edge Computing Webinar

Analytics will be an important part of the MEC solution, enabling mobile operators to accurately understand the use of devices, networks, applications and services in real time. The following white paper and webinar discuss how analytics can be used in mobile networks to recognize new revenues and business opportunities.

The Importance of Edge Analytics in a 5G World: Driving Revenue from Analytics []
The Importance of Edge Analytics in a 5G World Webinar []

While 5G promises higher bandwidth for each user, these next generation networks are also aiming for an order-of-magnitude reduction in network latency. The following white paper and webinar discuss network latency and how low latency can be achieved through MEC in a 5G environment.

The Value of Low Latency in a 5G World: Enabling new apps and services []
The Value of Low Latency Webinar []

The following key questions are addressed in the extensive body of research:

  • How will 5G networks differ from current LTE networks?
  • What is Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)?
  • How is information pulled from the RAN and devices?
  • How can MEC be implemented?
  • How is virtualization used in MEC implementations?
  • How can security issues be addressed in an MEC deployment?
  • What are some of the benefits of MEC?
  • What are active mobile analytics?
  • How will active mobile analytics drive revenue?
  • What solutions are available for active mobile analytics?
  • What is network latency and why is it important?
  • Which applications benefit from lower latency?
  • How will latency be reduced in 5G networks?
  • What is the role of RapidIO in MEC?
  • What solutions are available for MEC?

About iGR
iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry. Founded by Iain Gillott, one of the wireless industry's leading analysts, in late 2000 as iGillottResearch, iGR is now in its sixteenth year of operation. iGR continuously researches emerging and existent technologies, technology industries, and consumer markets. We use our detailed research to offer a range of services to help companies improve their position in the marketplace, clearly define their future direction, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

iGR researches a range of wireless and mobile products and technologies, including: smartphones; tablets; mobile wearable devices; connected cars; mobile applications; bandwidth demand and use; small cell and het-net architectures; mobile EPC and RAN virtualization; DAS; LTE; VoLTE; IMS; NFC; GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA; CDMA 1x/EV-DO; iDEN; SIP; macro-, pico- and femtocells; mobile backhaul; WiFi and WiFi offload; and SIM and UICC.

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