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iGR's Fall 2013 Wireless & Mobile Webinar Series Begins This Week

First Free Webinar to Discuss WiFi Offload

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2013) - iGR, a market research consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile industry, is pleased to begin its Fall 2013 Webinar Series. The first webinar, WiFi Offload, is Thursday, September 5th. The set of 11 free webinars will focus on a variety of timely Wireless and Mobile topics and will be presented by Iain Gillott, the president of iGR and one of the wireless industry's leading analysts.

Following is the list of topics, as well as the date and time for each. These webinars are free and may be registered for on the iGR website.

  • WiFi Offload - Thursday, September 5th, 1pm CST

    The first in a new season of FREE WEBINARS from iGR will overview the recent WiFi Offload research. Specifically, the webinar will discuss the different types of WiFi Offload, including user-driven and carrier-driven, the benefits of WiFi offload and forecasts for the impact of WiFi Offload on the macro network.

  • Regional and Small Operator Market - Tuesday, September 10th, 1pm CST

    The Regional and Small Operator (RSO) segment of the U.S. market has typically accounted for just under 10 percent of the total opportunity. But with recent acquisitions by the Tier 1 operators, the RSO segment has shrunk in size. This webinar will overview the dynamics of the RSO segment, the opportunity for smartphones and handsets, and also discuss the opportunity for LTE deployments, virtualized services and cloud solutions in the segment.

  • Mobile Network Virtualization - Thursday, September 19th, 1pm CST

    iGR has published major market studies on the Mobile Virtualization opportunity in the past. This webinar will focus on the radio and Evolved Packet Core virtualization opportunities, the benefits of virtualization and the likely impacts on LTE network capex and opex.

  • Small Cell Deployment Forecast - Thursday, September 26th, 1pm CST

    iGR has completed a considerable amount of research on small cell deployments (picocells, femtocells, metrocells, and DAS) and the size of the opportunity. This webinar will focus on upcoming research that details iGR's market forecasts for each of the small cell types, both in terms of units installed and the potential equipment revenues.

  • Overview of iGR's new HetNet Bandwidth Demand Model - Thursday, October 3rd, 1pm CST

    iGR is developing a new bandwidth demand model that shows how the need for bandwidth changes during the day and how various parts of the network are impacted. This webinar will demonstrate how the model works, how the model can be used, and provide details on how to obtain the FREE version of the model.

  • The Connected Car Market - Tuesday, October 15th, 1pm CST

    Cars have had basic voice connectivity for many years but vehicle telematics are now becoming far more sophisticated with live traffic updates, access to applications like Pandora and the ability to download new apps and services directly to the car. iGR will be publishing new research on vehicle telematics in October. This webinar will overview that research, discuss the trends in the automotive telematics segment and the impact higher-bandwidth car connections are likely to have on the mobile networks.

  • Wearable Mobile Devices - Tuesday, October 22nd, 1pm CST

    Mobile devices are not just limited to smartphone and tablets -- watches, sports heart monitors, glasses and medical devices are all available to consumers today, typically using the smartphone's bluetooth to connect to the outside world. iGR will present its latest research on consumers' attitudes toward wearable devices, their concerns, and the potential for the various segments of the market.

  • Mobile Insurance Market Update - Thursday, October 31st, 1pm CST

    iGR has researched the mobile insurance market for the last few years, publishing forecasts for the size of the smartphone and tablet insurance opportunity. This webinar will present the latest research, including feedback from consumers on the types of insurance they buy, the impact on churn and the demand for higher-priced disaster recovery, backup and support services.

  • DAS Deployment Forecast - Thursday, November 7th, 1pm CST

    DAS is now a standard part of the mobile operators' infrastructure, providing coverage and capacity both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of large buildings. iGR already has sized the total addressable market for DAS. This webinar will discuss iGR's new market forecasts for DAS installed base, deployments and potential revenues.

  • Overview of iGR's Enterprise Mobile Bandwidth Demand Model - Thursday, November 14th, 1pm CST

    iGR is developing a second bandwidth model that shows the demand from enterprise mobile users and how their need for bandwidth changes during the day. The model includes the use of various enterprise devices, as well as BYOD, and will allow users to show different scenarios for enterprise mobile workers. This webinar will demonstrate how the model works, how the model can be used, and provide details on how to obtain the FREE version of the model.

  • SDN and its impact on Mobile Backhaul - Tuesday, November 19th, 1pm CST

    Software defined networks are here and are starting to impact how mobile backhaul is implemented, delivered and operated. This webinar will overview SDN solutions for mobile networks, how the market is developing and the impact on the mobile infrastructure as a whole.

More information on these webinars, as well as easy registration, can be found on iGR's website at Alternatively, contact Iain Gillott at (512) 263-5682 or at for additional details.

About iGR
iGR is a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry. Founded by Iain Gillott, one of the wireless industry's leading analysts, in late 2000 as iGillottResearch, iGR is now entering its thirteenth year of operation. iGR continuously researches emerging and existent technologies, technology industries, and consumer markets. We use our detailed research to offer a range of services to help companies improve their position in the marketplace, clearly define their future direction, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

iGR researches a range of wireless and mobile products and technologies, including: smartphones; tablets; mobile applications; bandwidth demand and use; small cell architectures; DAS; LTE; VoLTE; IMS; NFC; GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSPA; CDMA 1x/EV-DO; iDEN; SIP; macro-, pico- and femtocells; mobile backhaul; WiFi and WiFi offload; and SIM and UICC.

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