SOURCE: Ikona Gear International, Inc.

June 08, 2005 08:30 ET

Ikona Gear International Launches New Gearing Technology Services Division

United Gear & Machine Works Ltd. First Customer for New Finite Element Analysis Services

COQUITLAM, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 8, 2005 -- Ikona Gear International, Inc. (OTC BB: IKGI), a leader in innovative gearing systems technology, today announced the launch of its services division, which enables clients to leverage advanced finite element analysis (FEA) services for evaluating and improving customized gearing solutions.

Ikona's new division recently just completed its first project for United Gear & Machine Works Ltd., an industrial gear manufacturer. Under project specifications, United Gear contracted Ikona to evaluate high-end planetary gears purchased from third party suppliers. Dr. Shubin Liu, FEA Specialist, and Barrie Freeke, Vice President of Engineering for Ikona Gear International, performed the detailed analyses and written research report for United Gear.

"We are pleased with the success of our new division's first project," said Laith I. Nosh, President and CEO for Ikona. "As an industrial gear manufacturer, United Gear requires all gears from third party suppliers to be of the highest quality, and able to perform under exceptional conditions. By leveraging our FEA services, the company was able to quickly and accurately evaluate its planetary gears, make recommended alterations to improve performance, reduce risk of failure, and satisfy the end user's requirements."

"Ikona Gear is synonymous with gearing innovation and expertise," said Pierre Van, Operations Manager for United Gear. "Its team of world class gear engineers and FEA specialists provides us not only with invaluable data for vendor negotiation and selection, but also a customized planetary gearbox evaluation exactly meeting the requirements of our customers. Ikona's FEA services are invaluable, and we look forward to a continued successful working relationship with their team."

About Finite Element Analysis and Ikona Services Division

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a technique for modeling complex structures, used in situations that are difficult to model by standard engineering techniques. FEA analysis consists of computer models for materials and designs that are "stressed" and analyzed for specific results. This is extremely valuable to gearing applications, as it provides invaluable data for use in new product design and existing product refinement.

Using FEA, Ikona can verify whether a proposed design will be able to perform to the client's specifications prior to manufacturing or construction. Modifying an existing product or structure is utilized to qualify the product or structure for a new service condition. In case of structural failure, FEA may be used to help determine the design modifications to meet the new condition. Ikona's service division utilized two types of analysis: 2-D modeling, and 3-D modeling. The 2-D modeling conserves simplicity and allows the analysis to be run on most common PCs, whereas the 3-D modeling is a more sophisticated technique, producing more accurate results, requiring more powerful workstations. Ikona's use of both techniques will provide customers with the most accurate method available of predicting failure due to unknown stresses, greatly reducing product design and testing time and costs, and ensuring the highest quality final solution.

About United Gear & Machine Works Ltd.

United Gear & Machine Works Ltd. ("United Gear") is a Canadian company, established in 1967, with corporate offices located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. United Gear manufactures, processes, and distributes gear products used in power transmission and related engine products and applications. United Gear is active in the United States, as well as in export markets in Brazil, Chile, China, Columbia, and Japan. For more information, visit

About Ikona Gear International

Ikona Gear designs, manufactures and markets innovative gearing-enabled applications and gear increasing and reduction systems. Ikona's patented intellectual property involves a unique gear tooth form that provides very high gear reduction and very high gear tooth contact. The company's patented technology affords significant advantages over traditional planetary gearing systems including: very high torque, reduced size and weight, almost zero backlash, accurate back-and-forth actuation, low wear, superior efficiency and low noise. Ikona trades on the Over the Counter market under the symbol "IKGI" and on the Frankfurt Exchange under the symbol "IG2." For more information on Ikona, please visit us at

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