August 24, 2006 05:24 ET

ikoncity Launches the First Ever Community Battle

There Can Be Only One!!

LONDON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 24, 2006 -- ikoncity today launches THE BATTLEZONE, giving gamers the chance to play in the first ever inter-website gaming challenge. The gamers from, and will go head to head over the next 6 weeks to find out which website has the best gamers. is the leading celebrity gaming website offering its users celebrity-branded games where they can win cool prizes like signed guitars, "meet and greets passes" and signed merchandise to even phone calls with the fans' favorite celebrities. It was launched in February 2006 is endorsed by the Celebrities and has had over 5 million games played in that short space of time. is a rapidly growing, highly viral online social community and casual gaming site that is 100% free and 100% Funky. There is a wide range of cool, humorous, and entertaining interactions for players of all ages. It's a continuously evolving, COPPA compliant, virtual world created to inspire your imagination and provide hours of fun, funny, funky entertainment and adventure to all who are cool enough to discover it., one of the first casual game sites on the Internet, provides the best casual Internet games to its millions of users from around the world. Having been founded back in the equivalent of the Mesozoic era of the Internet, 1994, it has an in-depth understanding of what makes people laugh and smile for the long run.

The "There Can Be Only One" challenge will allow the users of all 3 websites to compete to be the best by playing in a new game created by ikoncity that has been specially adapted to incorporate one of urbaniacs' leading characters.

The game itself is under wraps until the contest starts. Chris O'Farrell, ikoncity executive Director, said, "The game will be a platform game, but that's all I'm saying, but after the contest ikoncity, urbaniacs and Riddler will be giving away a free copy of the game for everyone who enters."

Josh Fisher of urbaniacs said, "It should be a lot of fun and it's great to make gaming history by being the first websites to battle it out. I am also hoping that next time we run the contest some other gaming websites that have sat out this one will be brave enough to enter."

The third gaming website to sign up for the contest is, but they are not entering just for the ride. Aram Fuchs, the owner of Riddler, said, "When ikoncity approached me with the concept I loved it straight away, but we are not here to make up the numbers, we're here to win."

Fighting talk and remember there can be only one!!!

To enter the Battle and represent your favorite gaming website please click on the link below.


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