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February 15, 2011 08:00 ET

Image Microsystems Announces Results of Extensive Laboratory Testing; MicroStrate™ Sign Substrate Material Performs as Well, If Not Better Than Aluminum With One Quarter the Carbon Footprint

Experiments and Carbon Footprint Analysis Conducted by Texas Tech University's Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory Confirm MicroStrate™ as More Attractive in Environmental Terms Than Aluminum -- With No Degradation in Performance

AUSTIN, TX and PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) - Image Microsystems -- a leading provider of technology restoration, reverse logistics, e-waste recycling, and recycled plastic products manufacturing -- announced the results of nearly a year of intensive laboratory testing conducted on their MicroStrate™ sign substrate. The announcement was made in conjunction with the company's exhibition in booth 219 at the 41st Annual American Traffic Safety Services Convention and Traffic Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.

"We are very excited about the results of these tests," stated Alex Abadi, PhD, CEO of Image Microsystems. "We've long believed that our MicroStrate™ sign substrate material was an environmentally friendly and lower-cost alternative to aluminum for use in highway signs and road markers," continued Abadi. "Now these tests -- conducted by one of the nation's most prestigious engineering departments -- confirms our prior assumptions that not only is our material more earth-friendly, but it is in many aspects superior to aluminum from a performance perspective," concluded Abadi.

"According to our recent laboratory experiments, the recycled e-waste plastic MicroStrate™ material has similar physical properties to aluminum," explained Hong-Chao Zhang, PhD, P.E., Professor of Industrial Engineering and Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory at Texas Tech University. "In some aspects (such as withstanding environmental effects and free vibration), MicroStrate™ sign substrate exhibits superior properties to aluminum. Our extensive life cycle analysis also concludes that the manufacture of sign substrate made from MicroStrate™ material consumes less resources and emits fewer greenhouse gases -- just one fourth of the emissions of typical aluminum substrate," confirmed Dr. Zhang.

Patent pending MicroStrate™ sign substrate is a versatile material made completely of recycled e-waste plastic. Image Microsystems' proprietary manufacturing process combines "dirty" plastic found in spent printer cartridges and computer or printer housings and converts it into resilient, cost-effective, earth-friendly products. Dirty plastic is considered valueless in the recycling supply chain and as a result frequently ends up in landfills. Now, purchasers of signage and markers made from MicroStrate™ can save money on a product as tough -- but not as theft-prone as aluminum -- while simultaneously feeling good about contributing to carbon footprint and e-waste reduction. As a result of these benefits, MicroStrate™ signage has recently been installed on roadways in several municipalities and on large corporate campuses.

Currently, most e-waste ends up in China or other developing countries where it is a large and growing problem. As the problem grows, more and more "fake" recyclers enter the picture. Ethical companies such as Image Microsystems have searched for efficient methods of recycling and uses for e-waste. MicroStrate™ is a result of those efforts. The proprietary technology developed by Image Microsystems allows dirty e-waste plastic to be turned into a useable material for traffic signage and road markers. No other reverse logistics provider has this type of technology currently in use. You can learn more about the MicroStrate™ manufacturing process on the company's YouTube channel.

Image Microsystems is displaying the test results and their new product offerings in Booth 219 at the 41st Annual ATSSA Convention and Traffic Expo held at the Phoenix Convention Center February 15-17. The company will be providing product samples for interested journalists and customers. To schedule a meeting, please call Liz Walker at 732-742-8969, or e-mail her at

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