SOURCE: Institute of Management Consultants New England Chapter

March 19, 2008 16:06 ET

IMCNE to Host Full-Day Conference on "Thoughtleading"

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - March 19, 2008) - In an increasingly competitive field, how can any consultant expect to stay ahead of the competitive pack? Will the boom-bust cycle ever end? Is there any hope in sight?

The New England Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMCNE) has assembled an all-star lineup of authors, experts and consultants who will discuss the merits of becoming a thoughtleader -- publishing articles, books and speaking in public -- as part of its full-day conference "The End of Boom and Bust: How Thoughtleading Can Help You Rise to the Top."

Beginning at 8:30 am in the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, the conference will feature a keynote presentation by thoughtleader, author (26 books) and public speaking extraordinaire Alan Weiss CMC titled, "Developing Leading-Edge Ideas," where Mr. Weiss will discuss how a fundamental change in attitude and perception is the necessary first step to becoming a thoughtleader separating yourself from the pack.

Lew McCreary, Senior Editor at Harvard Business Review and Co-Editor of the 2008 HBR List of Breakthrough Ideas, will lead a group discussion outlining ideas that are likely to make a significant impact in 2008, and how they apply to the consulting trade, in his workshop appropriately titled "The HBR Breakthrough Ideas of 2008." The session will be facilitated by IMCNE Board Director and Creativity Specialist Jeff Govendo, with the focus on generating a list of 20 major breakthrough ideas likely to be realized over the next year.

In a workshop titled "Publishing Your Ideas," thoughtleading expert Ken Lizotte, author of "The Expert's Edge: Become the Go-To Authority People Turn to Every Time" (McGraw Hill), will discuss the essentials of regularly publishing articles and books. Outlining a simple 3-step process that will guide you through the world of publishing, Ken will explain how your thoughtleading efforts can not only help you retain current clients, but attract new ones as well.

Other notable thoughtleading presentations scheduled for the conference include:

--  "Conducting Research Projects" with Bob Buday, Mary Adams CMC and
    Curtis Bingham
--  "Speaking to Different Audiences" with Tom Kennedy CMC and Suzanne
--  "Traditional vs. 'Social' Media? Which Work Best for Promoting Your
    Ideas?" with Lew Green
--  "Selling Your Services Effectively" with Nancy Stephens, Ron Vissochi,
    Shelley Hall, Denise Clancey and Ronna Cohen
--  "Tying It All Together" with Michael Katz

Positioning yourself as a thought leader will establish credibility with clients and peers, and your reputation will soar as word-of-mouth referrals send qualified prospects your way. Join the ranks of the highest paid consultants in becoming a thoughtleader and take your consulting business to the next level!

For more information, including registration forms, directions and agenda, please visit the IMCNE's website at

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