February 02, 2006 00:01 ET

iMesh Expands Reach of Commercial Peer-to-Peer Service with Launch of Canadian Service

NEW YORK--(CCNMatthews - Feb 2, 2006) -

Expansion Also Brings Availability of Enhanced Features -- CD-Burning, Permanent Downloads and Download Syncing

iMesh, the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) service offering consumers a legitimate resource to access the largest selection of digital music in the world, today announced the launch of its new authorized service to users in Canada. The Canadian roll-out marks an extension of the authorized service that was unveiled in the U.S. in October 2005, and is the first and only globally active commercial P2P available in the U.S. and Canada that assures compensation to registered rightsholders.

Delivering the most in-depth digital music experience available today to an active P2P community, iMesh offers consumers a breadth and depth of content, music discovery, community and sharing features -- traditionally distributed on unauthorized P2P networks -- in a fully legal environment.

"We are pleased to extend our authorized service to Canada in an effort to further provide consumers with the most compelling commercial P2P experience available today," said Robert Summer, Executive Chairman, iMesh. "With the availability of iMesh to users in Canada, we continue our commitment to providing rightsholders with a comprehensive solution to internet music piracy."

Offering the largest selection of digital content with 15 million tracks, including more than two million authorized tracks from all of the major record labels and more than 40,000 independent labels, iMesh users in the U.S. and Canada have access to both premium and free content culled from the Gnutella network. Additionally, the service is free of advertising, adware and spyware.

iMesh users can download, burn, share and discover music within an established, robust P2P community. Additionally, the basic iMesh service offers access to public domain tracks drawn from peer collections, original work posted by users and the iMesh media player. The player is free to consumers and enables them to search and sample music, as well as engage in the vast iMesh community.

The service offers consumers both a subscription plan and a la carte options. iMesh will offer Canadian users an introductory free trial for 30 days. Thereafter, users will be charged CDN$1 to extend the trial period for an additional 30 days. At the end of the introductory period, users will be charged CDN$8.95 per month.

Key service features include:

-- My Library, which highlights all the tracks a user has downloaded in one easily accessible area. Users can make play lists as well as share their music library with the iMesh community of users.

-- Search iMesh allows iMesh users to access a broad range of tracks available for download from major labels and independents as well as "unclaimed" music culled from the Gnutella and iMesh networks. Authorized, premium music is identified by "gold stars" and unclaimed, unregistered music is identified by "grey stars."

-- Discover extends the breadth of music and community available, providing detailed information on an extensive range of genres and artists. This function facilitates new music discovery, offers recommendations and top picks as well as in depth artist information and editorial playlists from iMesh. Additionally, this area helps users find other users in the community with the same musical tastes and preferences.

-- Community enables users to express their musical tastes and personality to other iMesh users in an effort to build relationships as well as discover and share music with one another. In this social networking Community, users can meet one another with searches based on age, geographical location, and personal interests as well as musical tastes.

-- Ringtones are seamlessly integrated into the service and offers users easy access to the latest polyphonic ringtones from top artists for their mobile phones. Ringtones are offered to iMesh users in 55 countries and cost CDN$2.99 in Canada, with various pricing in other territories.

-- Permanent Downloads enables users to permanently download music and retain tracks on their PC forever.

-- CD Burning gives users the ability to copy their favorite songs purchased on iMesh onto a CD.

-- Download Syncing enables users to easily synchronize their iMesh library on up to five additional PCs, so they can access their library of songs purchased while connected to another PC. This feature enables users to not have to manually copy the songs or pay for them again once connected to their iMesh account.

iMesh is a broadband-enabled service that supports Windows Media Player 10 and is compatible with any of the "Plays for Sure" devices.

About iMesh

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York, iMesh is one of the original peer-to-peer (P2P) services and the first to transition to a commercial model that guarantees payment to rightsholders. The new iMesh will offer consumers a dynamic P2P music experience with a broad range of tracks available for download from major labels and independents, and will also offer music without claim of artist rights culled from the Gnutella network. iMesh users will be able to access authorized content through a la carte downloads or a monthly subscription plan. "Unclaimed" and promotional content will be available at no cost to iMesh users.

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