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June 21, 2011 11:00 ET

Imfuna Rent Pro Property Management App Released

Agents, Property Managers and Landlords Can Now Better Protect, Manage and Value Rentals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 21, 2011) - Imfuna® today announced the first release of its Imfuna Rent Pro™ application, a mobile-to-web solution that enables agents, property managers and landlords to better protect, manage and value their rental property without specialized hardware or training. Imfuna Rent Pro will debut and demo at the 2011 Pacific Coast Builders Conference in San Francisco June 22 - 24. The application is the first of its kind to offer professionals full transcription in the digital reporting process. The application is available for download in the Apple Store ( and Android Market (

Imfuna Rent Pro expedites and improves the process of capturing and managing a property's condition giving property professionals worry-free documentation to protect property and deposits. The application quickly and easily allows users to:

  • Capture detailed "snapshots" of a property's condition over time, with a mobile device;
  • Take photos, notes and dictation on site to create cohesive, intuitive property reports quickly & easily without new devices;
  • Achieve fast agreement between building owners and tenants reducing condition disputes to almost zero;
  • Improve maintenance processes through documentation;
  • Create professional, time-stamped reports of a property's condition over time with side-by-side comparison reports allowing for long-term protection;
  • Instantly share and edit condition reporting between landlords, agents, property managers, maintenance and tenants.

"Landlords today are requesting online tools and services that will make their job easier and increase their return on investment," said Eric Baird, managing director, Real Estate Leasing Innovations Services & Tools Online (ReLISTO). "My leasing agents understand the importance of embracing new technology to improve service and develop new revenue streams. Our ability to achieve success has been greatly enhanced with Imfuna Rent Pro. It's a powerful tool that's quick and easy to use."

Imfuna Rent Pro enabled ReLISTO to provide additional services to clients with detailed move-in and move-out inspection reports. The new product resulted in improved customer service and increased revenue opportunities. The mobile application expanded ReLISTO's business and revenue stream by generating condition reports for building management over time, not only reducing deposit disputes, but also giving the owner a record of the property over time, stored in the cloud for access anytime and anywhere.

Jax Kneppers, co-founder of Imfuna adds, "With Imfuna Rent Pro, companies like ReLISTO are able to increase business offerings and therefore revenue. With protection from legal disputes due to Imfuna's binding property reports, agents can create condition reports for building management during the move-in and move-out process, protecting all parties involved. While the leasing industry has historically shied away from direct involvement in property service and management, Imfuna Rent Pro will break from tradition and give any agent the ability to perform complete inspections upon first acquiring a listing via a mobile device."

How it works

Imfuna Rent Pro can be downloaded to any iPhone or Android mobile device. Users can then collect data at the property in a uniform, standardized format and take unlimited digital photographs. Unlike other inventory software solutions, Imfuna Rent Pro includes dictation and transcription within the application. Dictation capabilities allow users to easily replay and redo the recording on site and access the full transcription just 24 hours later.

After data is collected, the user accesses the Imfuna portal online to view and edit the report, including amending dictation. The report can be shared with relevant parties and further comments are automatically date and time stamped to provide an accurate and traceable reporting trail, heightening the credibility of reports. Over time, this secure online portal will retain the full historical data of any property.

Availability and Pricing

Imfuna Rent Pro can be downloaded for $1.99 from the Apple Store ( and Android Market ( Users receive five free reports, with subsequent reports priced at $9.50 which includes 30 minutes of dictation.

Imfuna has also recently released Imfuna Let, comparable to Imfuna Rent Pro, for the UK market, and soon will be releasing Imfuna Punch List for the construction industry.

About Imfuna

Imfuna streamlines workflows and increases productivity for the building and real estate industries through mobile-to-web applications. Imfuna's platform of applications has redefined how the commercial real estate industry inventories property via mobile devices and the Internet. The Company's platform enables users to collect data on mobile devices and store inventoried data in a secure cloud environment for future reporting, collaboration and forensic proof. Imfuna was founded in 2009 by two world-class forensic engineers. They developed a flexible technology platform to support multiple applications for collecting, storing, and sharing condition data about any physical asset. Imfuna has released product solutions in the US and UK, with more on the horizon.

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