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November 13, 2007 08:00 ET

IMI Global Launches™

Unique News, Information and Classifieds Site for Horse Industry Leverages Success of IMI Global's Other Online Livestock Businesses

CASTLE ROCK, CO--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - Integrated Management Information, Inc. (IMI Global) (OTCBB: INMG), a leading provider of verification and Internet solutions for the agricultural/livestock industry, today introduced™, a unique news, information and classified advertising resource for the horse industry. is the latest addition to IMI Global's portfolio of online livestock resources and is modeled on the Company's highly successful website. The site features news and information on a wide range of topics -- from breeds and boarding to nutrition and healthcare, and from training and competitions to associations and legislation. Additionally, the site features a weekly email newsletter entitled "Have You Herd?" that contains links that redirect readers back to the website. The goal of MyEquineNetwork is to create a broad-based online equine community for horse owners of all kinds as well as individuals and companies who provide products and services to the equine industry.

"MyEquineNetwork is a fun, innovative and interactive website dedicated to the world of equine," said Kathryn Brim, project manager of MyEquineNetwork. "We are utilizing the expertise and knowledge of equine professionals from every corner of the industry to make this site one of a kind. Users have the opportunity to browse information in a variety of categories, including equine nutrition, reproduction, facility management, training, and veterinary care. And, just as® bills itself as 'a place for friends,' we believe MyEquineNetwork will become a place for equine owners and enthusiasts to build a community around their passion for the horse industry."

Rob Cook, vice president of web products for IMI Global, said the creation of MyEquineNetwork fills a major void in the equine industry for horse owners ranging from individuals to large ranchers and breeders, and for the thousands of companies and organizations that support the equine industry.

"We recognized that there was a growing demand in the industry for this type of service, and with our successful track record of creating and managing online livestock/agricultural websites, we were ideally suited to respond to that demand," Cook said. "There are more than 9 million horses in America and approximately 4.6 million horse owners -- more than four times the number of cattle owners. Our success with CattleNetwork, which caters to just over 1 million constituents, makes us optimistic that MyEquineNetwork will thrive with a much larger potential audience.

"We also believe MyEquineNetwork gives advertisers a fresh new approach to reach horse owners with their products," Cook added. "In the pharmaceutical and animal health side of the business, the equine market is considered one of the most profitable market segments. Accordingly, we believe current advertisers on CattleNetwork will be excited about this new advertising channel."

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