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Inception Market Intelligence

October 06, 2010 12:42 ET

IMI: New Technology Achieves the Same Results as Focus Groups in a Fraction of the Time and Cost

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 6, 2010) - If the purpose of market research is to eavesdrop on consumer perceptions then the internet has a better service for providing such research. Vancouver based Inception Market Intelligence (IMI Group) offers the same results at a fraction of the costs of doing traditional market research focus groups.

PULSE48 software reads the entire English language internet and renders "opinions". For example, if a company has a juice product and is wondering whether adding vitamin C would enhance their products perception, then a PULSE48 Report "pull" would be conducted.

The scan from public articles, commentaries, blogs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter showed 434,000 references to fortified juice within online conversations, articles, and commentaries. The results reported 72% (312,480) viewed adding Vitamin C as positive, 23% (99,820) had no position on the subject, and 5% (21,700) viewed the statement negatively.

From a PULSE48 report, public opinion research is conducted without the costs and time commitment of a focus group. "We can screen out paid bloggers, habitual commentators, or whomever you want removed from the findings." says Robert Greene Director of Sales and Marketing for Inception Market Intelligence. The IMI Group doesn't feel that it will replace traditional market research but rather compliment it. Market Research firms use Pulse48 reports to confirm their research findings for clients.

The price for a PULSE48 report is from $2,000-4,000 each and are produced faster than traditional market research reports. Where market research takes weeks to complete, PULSE48 can complete it in a manner of hours. In the example of juice above, the client can do a follow up PULSE48 Report after fortifying their product, to analyze the results. The combined two (2) PULSE48 reports cost less than a market research focus group.

Inception Market Intelligence (IMI Group) is pioneering revolutionary tools that uncover insights from the overwhelming amount of content in online space. IMI Group has clients in the USA, The UK and Qatar. For more information, visit

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