Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal

Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal

October 24, 2005 23:59 ET

Immigration: A Business Solution - JCCM Recommends More Openness Towards New Quebecers

MONTREAL, Oct. 24 - The Quebec Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities and the newspaper Les Affaires, in collaboration with the Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM), held today a conference on the theme "Immigration: A Business Solution". The JCCM believes that immigration represents an important opportunity for providing qualified labor with a diverse range of skills.

The JCCM believes that the aging population and declining birth rate are creating significant pressure on Montreal and Quebec's economic development potential. It is therefore imperative that the efforts and will that are needed to deal with both this problem and that of immigration be applied now. This in turn will make an important contribution as much to the economic as to the cultural issues faced in Quebec society.

"Immigration offers an opportunity for a fresh approach to the dynamism and diversity of Quebec's economy. All economic players need to be aware of the issue of immigration since it will have an undeniable impact on our collective future," said Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski, President of the JCCM.

According to the JCCM, a systematic review of the recognition of degrees from elsewhere is needed. Essentially, numerous immigrants are not allowed to practice their professions because their degrees are not recognized. These new
Quebecers have solid professional and educational backgrounds and Quebec should do its utmost to capitalize upon their abilities.

For the JCCM, a global immigration policy should also take into account international students. These represent an ideal group in terms of facility of integration into Quebec society.

"The JCCM hopes that the Quebec government's immigration policy is enacted quickly. In the present context with our aging population, the current number of new Quebecers allowed to immigrate needs to increase in order to ensure the continuity of our businesses," stated Pleszczynski.

About the JCCM

The JCCM is an association of young executives, professionals, entrepreneurs and self-employed business people under the age of 40. Founded in 1931, it represents some 1,400 members, whose average age is 32. Its mission is to foster the professional and personal development of young businesspeople in metropolitan Montreal, to promote their interests and to contribute to the vitality of the environment in which they evolve. The JCCM is a premier meeting place for those who want to make a difference and take active part in the discussions that shape the future of society.

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