April 02, 2014 10:59 ET

iMovR Launches ThermoDesk™ Line of 3D Adjustable Standing Desks

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2014) -  iMovR officially launched today as the newest entrant in the burgeoning field of standing and treadmill desk manufacturers. Its first product release, the ThermoDesk line, features "3D adjustability." The new desks can change height (so the user can be seated, standing or walking), width (to accommodate a wide range of tabletops sizes), and depth of monitors and keyboards (utilizing ergonomic keyboard trays and monitor arms). ThermoDesk desktops are also made using an advanced "3D lamination" process that produces more durable, attractive and ergonomic surfaces compared to conventional desktops.

The new Elite™ executive desk and Electra™ office desk have electric bases that can be paired with desktops from 48" to 83" wide. In wider configurations, these desks can accommodate both a treadmill and office chair side-by-side, for ideal sit-to-walk configurations. The new Elemental™ economy desk, based on a manual lift mechanism, accommodates desktops from 40" to 72" wide.

The 3D-lamination process completely seals the table's core, seamlessly enveloping its ergonomically-contoured edges and grommet holes. This gives the appearance of having been extravagantly fashioned from a single piece of hardwood. ThermoDesk tops are precision pre-drilled for easy attachment to bases, and for installing optional keyboard trays. Elite and Electra tabletops feature large grommet holes for cable control, or installation of optional, flush-mounted, AC power sockets.

Company Background

iMovR is a spinout from ThermoGenisis Group, which also owns WorkWhileWalking began as an expert reviews website aimed at sedentary workers who want to get more movement into their daily work lives. It has since become the most-trusted source for information on treadmill desks, sit-to-stand desks, and ergonomic accessories. Last year WorkWhileWalking expanded into ecommerce and retail activities, including the first retail store in the world where customers can test drive treadmill desks and standing desks.

ThermoGenisis Group CEO Ron Wiener said "As an independent reviewer and retailer interacting with thousands of customers seeking advice on the best products, we've enjoyed a uniquely insightful view of the marketplace. The treadmill desk market today remains dominated by desk and fitness equipment makers who have only marginally repositioned their traditional products to chase this new segment. We believe, in many cases, that they have inadequately addressed the specific ergonomic requirements of treadmill desking. We're excited to break the mold with iMovR's new 3D desk designs, as well as new treadmill technology and other planned innovations we will be introducing later this year."

About ThermoGenisis Group

ThermoGenisis was founded to help reverse the effects of "sitting disease" among millions of modern-day workers whose jobs entail many hours of sedentary inactivity, typically in front of a computer, in a scalable way. The company is located at 13256 NE 20th St., Bellevue, WA 98005. can be reached at 888-208-6770 or 425-999-3550. 

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