November 12, 2014 07:00 ET

iMovR Uses Kickstarter to Launch OMEGA: The Next Evolution in Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk Design

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - iMovR launched their new Omega Desk on Kickstarter today, featuring an infinitely-adjustable keyboard tray integrated directly into the desktop. The new desks will help standing and walking workers achieve new levels of health and ergonomic comfort, while boosting productivity through improvements in typing speed and accuracy.

Most adjustable-height desks are unable to accommodate keyboard trays due to mechanical constraints. While workarounds exist, they create issues of their own such as insufficient keyboard incline for keeping the user's hands, wrists, and forearms in the most neutral position when standing or walking. Conventional trays also diminish overall stability of the desk, due to increased lever force on the table while typing, especially while walking. This instability can be amplified through monitor arms make monitors shake excessively.

"The ergonomic keyboard tray was invented long before standing and treadmill desks became popular," said Ron Wiener, CEO, "Our research in this field determined that much steeper keyboard inclines are required to maintain neutral posture and minimize strain on muscles and joints in the hands, arms and shoulder girdle. Mechanically this required a clean sheet approach, which we've achieved with the Omega's patent-pending design."

The Omega's integrated tray features an unlimited tilt adjustment range and allows users to stay closer to their keyboards, minimizing computer hunch. Tilt ranges of -20 degrees to -40 degrees were found to bring users greater comfort, typing speed and typing accuracy, whereas conventional keyboard trays are usually limited to only -15 degrees.

"Treadmill desk users will see the most profound benefits. With the belt constantly pulling the user backwards their natural tendency is to press down hard on their palms in order to maintain hand position over the keyboard, introducing the potential for strain injury. We found that at steeper keyboard inclines users are able to maintain a more comfortable, neutral position while keeping their typing speeds and accuracies up, and at much higher walking speeds than previously achievable," said Andy Rosenbaum, CTO. 

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