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Impact Fusion International, Inc.

March 15, 2010 16:32 ET

Impact Fusion International, Inc. Announces Introduction of Proprietary Formula, Intact Blood Pressure™

Intact Blood Pressure™ Addresses Epidemic of Hypertension Worldwide

MARGATE, FL--(Marketwire - March 15, 2010) - Impact Fusion International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IFUS) is proud to announce the introduction of Intact Blood Pressure™ which is another new proprietary product through the Intact Nutrition™ Brand of Products. According to reports with the American Heart Association, 27% of adult Americans have Hypertension and reports have estimated that adults over 50 years of age have a life-time risk of developing hypertension approaching 90 percent. Throughout the world, 1 in every 4 adults suffers from hypertension. It is a disease that contributes to 49% of ischemic heart disease and 62% of strokes. Intact Blood Pressure™ is an all natural, proprietary product that can be used to maintain and potentially prevent the number one risk factor connected to heart disease, hypertension.

IFUS is gearing up to enter into the $23 Billion VMS (vitamins, minerals, supplements) industry. The VMS industry did not see any loss during the recession and the industry is expected to grow another 5.8% this year; in 2009 sales were up 9.8%. It is products such as Intact Blood Pressure™ that Americans are turning toward in order to maintain health and prevent expensive and potentially fatal diseases like congestive heart failure and clogged arteries as well as vitamin deficiencies. All of IFUS' products can be researched and purchased through our ecommerce website:

Intact Blood Pressure™ is formulated with Nutri-Mastic™ and Arjun which helps maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range. Scientific studies have shown Arjun to be very effective when used regularly over time. With the Nutri-Mastic™ enhanced delivery of nutrients; it makes a proprietary product unlike any other. Groundbreaking nutritional research has identified natural agents that can help to maintain normal blood pressure levels already within normal range. Combining these nutrients with lifestyle modifications, pharmaceuticals, and regular self-monitoring provides a powerful strategy for maintaining cardiovascular health.

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Nutri-Mastic™ is perfectly balanced with verified ionic minerals and Mastic Gum. This patent pending combination improves delivery of nutrients and enhances cellular absorption.* Nutri-Mastic™ delivers anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while supporting digestive function, the immune system, vital organ health, healthy blood cells, the cardiac muscle and overall heart function.

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