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September 01, 2009 18:18 ET

Impact Fusion International Places First Production Orders for Intact Nutrition Brand Products That Will Support $1M per Month in Revenue

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - September 1, 2009) - Impact Fusion International (PINKSHEETS: IFUS) announced today it has placed its first production orders for Intact Nutrition Brand Products that will support $1m per month in revenue. The Company anticipates delivery of its newly branded Intact Nutrition products with its proprietary blend of the Nutri-Mastic™ formula within 15 days. Orders can be placed this week, for shipment when the inventory is in place at our fulfillment center Mercury Fulfillment. A call center has been established that will go online this week to support phone order processing. The first production run will also showcase the Company's new labels for Intact Nutrition, Intact Sports and Fitness, Pet Intact and Equine Intact. This will include our dynamic Intact Sports and Fitness powdered drink Intact Protein+ and the accompanying product Intact Endurance sold as a system called Intact Complete. "This will allow us to proceed with the Anti-Drug campaign with Ken Davidson retired NFL star as announced in previous press releases," stated Marc Walther, CEO.

"Intact Digest is now available at as well as through our distributor network at such sites as and," stated Marc Walther, CEO. "Upon delivery of our first production run we will be on target to generate monthly sales of $1,000,000 per month. Our gross profit on these products will be in excess of 90% of retail sales. We are on target to generate a revenue stream that is expected to make the Company profitable in a very short time frame as laid out in our three year business plan."

"Our second production run will be comprised of Intact Complete Capsules for various target markets which also contains our dynamic delivery system, the Nutri-Mastic™ proprietary blend. We will launch these products on a time line basis and will be targeting each product with a specific marketing plan. The Company's media consultants are preparing a comprehensive marketing campaign which will include magazine, internet, co-op advertising with wholesalers, radio and television, infomercials and trade shows."

About Intact Nutrition Brands

Intact Nutrition with Intact Minerals is in a liquid form of Ionic Trace Minerals formulated with Mastic Gum. Although the body manufactures some vitamins, it cannot manufacture a single mineral. All tissue and internal fluids contain quantities of minerals which are vital to our physical "Health and Wellness." Muscle and nerve functions are electrical and we need the right mix of minerals to support that activity. With minerals in widespread distribution throughout the metabolic workings of the human body, trace minerals are integral to the functioning of one of the body's largest organs systems, the muscles. Without these vital nutrients, it would be impossible for the muscles of the human or animal body to function. The stomach muscles rely on these minerals for the electrical impulses that enable them to perform at their best. The pharmacology and medicinal use of mastic is diverse. It is thought to have anti-microbial properties and Columbus believed it was a cure for cholera. The Gum Mastic Grower's Association lists over 60 uses for mastic including its use in the treatment of duodenal ulcers, heartburn, its anti-cancer properties and extolling its aphrodisiac effects. Studies also document its use as an antioxidant, and for treatment of high cholesterol, Crohn's disease, diabetes, and hypertension. However, clinical trials to support these uses are limited. The Egyptians are known to have used Mastic resin as a preservative and a breath sweetener. Mastic oil was mentioned by Dioskourides in ancient Grecian times and by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Mastic resin is still used as a flavoring in some Greek alcoholic beverages (eg, retsina wine) and in chewing gum from Chios. Mastic Gum aids in the conversion of ammonia to the urea filtering system in the blood and promotes the formation of Bifidius bacteria in the digestive system.

About Impact Fusion International Inc.

Impact Fusion International Inc. is in the business of marketing products in the "Health and Wellness" sector of all international markets. It is the company's mission to invent, develop and market these proprietary products worldwide for the health and well being of humans and animals.

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