SOURCE: Imperia Entertainment, Inc.

June 05, 2008 15:38 ET

Imperia Entertainment Hires Capital Pros Network for Media Relations

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - June 5, 2008) - Imperia Entertainment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: IMPN) has announced the formal hiring of Capital Pros Network in order to increase market awareness, provide shareholder communication, and media and investor relations services.

Jonathan Pappie, President of CPN, stated, "We are proud to represent Imperia and its newly created funding capability. I have to say that for entertainment funding, management and distribution that Imperia has a bright future and management has certainly made substantial progress with regards to its strategic foundation and future business strategy."

"CPN will engage in both retail and institutional based programs designed to build value in the stock. While we can never predict market reaction we are comfortable with the current stock structure and our promotional capabilities for this particular issue. We are also going to be assisting management in business development and other areas as need and resources dictate," stated Mr. Pappie.

The Capital Pros Network has been compensated $50,000, in cash for this media campaign. These efforts include presenting the IMPN.PK profile on its web sites and distributing it to its database of subscribers as well as other services. Information presented on our web site and within our reports contains "forward looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933.


Imperia Entertainment, Inc.'s ( plan of operations emphasizes three main areas of film production and finance: Co-financing projects with A-List talent attached, acquiring product in the development stage, and its own film production. This, coupled with film distribution through parent company, Independent Film Development Corporation's (IFDC's) new film distribution portfolio company, Signature Entertainment, LLC, makes up the new revenue model for the Company. The Company will emphasize not only new projects with A-List talent attached, but also its own library of feature films and television programming, including, "Say It In Russian" starring Faye Dunaway, the award-winning "Autograph" television series, "The New Three Stooges," and seven other television movies. Interested parties can join daily investors' roundtable discussions with management at 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time, daily, by calling 1-605-990-0700, and entering access code 444636#.


Signature Entertainment, LLC is a film distribution company, specializing in the marketing and sales of independent films. Signature's management has a marketing and sales staff with over 23 years' collective experience in identifying, producing, marketing and selling filmed entertainment. The majority of Signature's business operates in a small, low risk, and profitable segment of the entertainment industry that connects the independent filmmakers and distribution outlets.


Independent Film Development Corporation ( is a business development company, concentrating on investing in and lending management guidance to film and film related companies with an emphasis on film distribution. IFDC's plan of operations is to build shareholder value by acquiring the securities of portfolio companies engaged in independent film sales, distribution and production, and to help management in those portfolio companies build a Keiretsu, with the goal of that Keiretsu becoming a significant competitor to mini-major studios, such as Lions Gate. The innovative Kereitsu model has been created to structure and finance IFDC's portfolio companies and individual film production and distribution projects.

The IFDC Keiretsu is modeled around one central business development company, IFDC, which acts as like a venture capital fund, and has the ongoing potential to supplement and guarantee cash flows for any illiquid components of the structure. IFDC owns securities of two portfolio companies, working together as one manager, to advise a series of privately funded multi class opportunity funds, beginning with Imperia Film Fund, LLLP. This private film fund is a multi class structure, consisting of Class A, which directly invests in film productions and is managed by Imperia Entertainment and Class B, which invests directly into film acquisition, sales and distribution, managed by Signature Entertainment, LLC, or Class C, a combination of Classes A and B, which allows the investor more diversity. The Imperia Film Fund invests on a pari-passu basis with private investors in individual film productions and individual film library acquisitions and distributions. This appeals to the private debt and equity market, because no other production or distribution company offers immediate cash flow from individual film productions and acquisitions in development. This structure is designed to cash flow at 7.5% per annum, payable quarterly, with accrued interest of an additional 7.5%, starting from the first quarter of inception, for a total of 15% annually, with first money out and an equal equity split.

This release includes forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involve risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, the impact of competitive products, the ability to meet customer demand, the ability to manage growth, acquisitions of technology, equipment, or human resources, the effect of economic and business conditions, and the ability to attract and retain skilled personnel. The Company is not obligated to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or circumstances that may arise after the date of this release.

Any statements made by CPN regarding the firm are statements of interest and are not to be construed as investment advice. CPN follows an orderly liquidation of compensation in order to provide for its administrative costs in providing media coverage over the period of its hire.

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