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June 08, 2009 12:11 ET

Improve Design Reviews by Embedding Laser Images in AVEVA Review and SmartPlant Review

Embedding Laser Images Directly in Review Packages Provides Photo-Realistic Views of an Existing Facility With Proposed Designs to Improve Understanding, Cut Review Time and Eliminate Rework From Clashes and Interferences

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - June 8, 2009) - Quantapoint ( -- provider of laser scanning technology and services that helps companies achieve Zero-Defect Projects™ -- today announced that photo-realistic Laser Images™ may be embedded directly in AVEVA Review and SmartPlant Review using QuantaCAD 9.0. QuantaCAD enables 3D laser scan data to be accessed directly as photo-realistic Laser Images™ and high-definition Quantapoint Laser Models™ (not fuzzy "point clouds") within design software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, AVEVA PDMS, Bentley AutoPlant, Bentley Microstation V8XM, Intergraph PDS, Intergraph SmartPlant and more.

Using QuantaCAD, Laser Images may be embedded directly in review package view window, not a separate window or "bubble view." This enables proposed designs to be viewed more intuitively, quickly and easily than using difficult-to-visualize "point clouds," hard-to-understand 2D drawings or idealized 3D CAD models. Major benefits include:

--  Improved Understanding:  Operability and maintainability of proposed
    design is more easily understood by cross-departmental teams before
--  Faster Design Reviews:  A picture of the existing facility with the
    proposed design is worth a thousand words, which significantly shortens
    design reviews.
--  Minimize Remodeling:  Laser Images provide a more complete facility
    view, including details like small-bore piping and cable trays, minimizing
    the need to remodel.
--  Access Laser Models:  Laser Models integrate data from all Laser
    Images, providing detailed, high-definition solid "models" of facility when
    3D view is desired.
--  Eliminate Clashes:  Visually identify clashes with proposed designs in
    Laser Images or automatically clash designs against Laser Models.

By using QuantaCAD to put reality on the desktop and in design software, clients have typically been able to reduce remodeling time by 85% (by using Laser Models instead of CAD remodeling or as a basis to remodel), decrease design time by 60% (by accessing more complete, clear Laser Models and Laser Images for design) and cut rework from design clashes by 85% (by correcting clashes between Laser Models and new CAD design). If you are interested in finding out more about embedding Laser Images in AVEVA Review and/or SmartPlant Review using QuantaCAD 9.0 or would like a demonstration, visit or e-mail

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