SOURCE: Danaher: Orascoptic

Danaher: Orascoptic

January 10, 2013 10:10 ET

Improve Patient Care With the Proper Equipment

Orascoptic's Guide to Buying Dental Loupes

MIDDLETON, WI--(Marketwire - Jan 10, 2013) - Quality patient care begins with proper equipment. When it comes to dental magnifying loupes, Orascoptic, a leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning loupes and light systems for more than 30 years, offers tips for buying dental loupes that aid in providing exceptional service while minimizing occupational pain.

Because your practice is only as good as the health of your staff and the quality of your equipment making sure you have the best is crucial to your success. Use the following guidelines when selecting dental loupes and experience improved productivity along with reduced neck and back strain. The quality of a loupe system is determined by four main characteristics:

1. Resolution. The perceived clarity of an image, resolution is the capability to visualize small structures, and is established by the quality of the optical design and the use of precision lenses.

2. Field Width. The maximum area that can be seen, field width is the size of the site when viewed through loupes. A wider field of view is easier and quicker to adjust when shifting from the naked eye to the loupe and promotes less eye fatigue.

3. Field Depth. The range of maintained focus, field depth is the range of focus delivered by the loupe and determines how much you can lean in, or lean back, and still maintain focus of the entire viewing field.

4. Magnification. The ability of a loupe to increase an image size, magnification power is the size of the image, and not the clarity of the image.

Additional features to consider when selecting a dental loupe are its weight, the comfort and style of the frame and its working angle. The working angle, allows the user to work in a comfortable, ergonomically correct position, thus helping prevent neck and back pain. To learn more about achieving superior visualization by sustaining high resolution across a wide and deep field with dental loupes, visit

About Orascoptic
Orascoptic has been designing and manufacturing award-winning dental loupes and light systems in Middleton, Wisconsin for more than 30 years. Our purpose at Orascoptic is to assist clinicians in delivering better procedural outcomes through superior visualization. We do this by providing magnification with the best resolution, across the widest and through the deepest field of view. As long as dental professionals need superior visualization to deliver superior patient care, Orascoptic will be on the forefront of the technology that delivers this superior visualization.

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