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August 09, 2013 06:00 ET

Improving UK Economic Outlook Not Yet Fully Reflected in UK Equity Market, According to Russell Indexes

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Aug 9, 2013) - On the heels of new Bank of England governor Mark Carney's recent observation that "there are clear signs that (UK) economic activity has strengthened this year," Russell Index returns reflect an equity market that has still underperformed the rest of developed Europe.

The UK country constituent within the Russell Developed Europe Index has returned 1.3% for August month-to-date, 10.3% for 2013 year-to-date and 13.0% for one year ended August 6. This compares to a 1.5%, 11.8% and 18.8% for the Russell Developed Europe Index for the same time periods, respectively.

UK equity market performance has benefitted in 2013 from strong retail & consumer stocks, with the top year-to-date performers from the Consumer Discretionary (Thomas Cook Group PLC up 288.0% YTD as of August 6) and Consumer Staples (Ocado Group up 215.2% YTD as of August 6) sectors. Global mining companies have negatively impacted UK equity market performance this year, with Petropavlovsk PLC (-78.6%) and African Barrick Gold PLC (-74.9%) the bottom performing UK constituents year-to-date as of August 6.

And on the basis of 1-year forward weighted average P/E (price to earnings) multiples, the UK country constituent still looks relatively undervalued relative to the Russell Developed Europe Index, with a 14.2 P/E as of June 28, 2013 relative to a 15.0 P/E for the Index.

Russell Investments UK Market Outlook:

"While we are generally positive about the direction of the UK economy, it is important to remember that the UK equity market is dependent on companies with a large amount of foreign earnings, which has impacted its overall performance relative to the rest of developed Europe," said Wouter Sturkenboom, investment strategist for Russell Investments Europe. "This 'push and pull' scenario at work in the UK market is illustrated in the strong performance of the UK-driven retail sectors and the performance challenges faced by the more international and emerging-markets driven mining companies. However, the forward price-to-earnings multiples for the UK equity market relative to the rest of developed Europe indicate a neutral to slightly attractively valued market."

Russell Index Returns
Index / Index Sector     August MTD
as of Aug 6
    2013 YTD
as of Aug 6
    1 Year
as of Aug 6
Russell Developed Europe Index     1.5%     11.8%     18.8%
Russell Developed Europe Index - UK     1.3%     10.3%     13.0%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Austria     2.6%     2.6%     24.4%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Switzerland     2.6%     16.6%     23.5%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Germany     0.8%     10.6%     22.5%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Spain     1.9%     7.1%     31.6%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Finland     2.3%     12.0%     27.6%
Russell Developed Europe Index - France     1.9%     14.9%     25.4%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Ireland     1.8%     22.6%     27.0%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Italy     2.5%     5.6%     23.4%
Russell Developed Europe index - Luxembourg     -0.9%     -4.2%     -0.7%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Netherlands     -0.5%     9.1%     9.8%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Norway     -0.6%     5.1%     8.5%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Portugal     -0.9%     8.4%     32.7%
Russell Developed Europe Index - Sweden     -0.3%     15.5%     16.5%

Source: Russell Investments & Factset. Returns are denominated in euros.

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