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July 13, 2005 16:55 ET

IMRA America Extends University of Michigan Micromachining Patent Rights to Customers

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(CCNMatthews - Jul 13, 2005) -

As part of a comprehensive program to provide customers with solutions in precision material processing applications, on June 30, 2005, IMRA America, Inc. signed a license agreement with the University of Michigan providing IMRA the ability to extend freedom to use patented processes to both system integrators and end-users that purchase IMRA laser products as part of a femtosecond laser-based micromachining station or setup. The license agreement has worldwide reach based on the patent family including U.S. patents RE37,585 and 5,656,186, "Method for controlling configuration of laser induced breakdown and ablation," assigned to the University of Michigan.

The University of Michigan patent discloses a method for producing micron-level features in a variety of materials without inducing thermal damage to surrounding material. The method utilizes ultrashort laser pulses such as the ones produced by IMRA's family of ultrafast fiber lasers.

Many applications can benefit from the use of ultrafast laser micromachining, which allows for smaller feature sizes than other laser machining techniques, due to the extremely short time that the light is in interaction with the material, thus avoiding thermal damage. Applications such as mask repair, trimming of glass or semiconductor devices, and microfluidics can be addressed by upgrading systems with reliable, plug-and-play lasers from the IMRA product line.

Included in the use of this license is the ability for IMRA's customers to either purchase a full micromachining laser solution, such as the FCPA uJewel, or for customers to purchase a regenerative amplifier system using an IMRA seeder laser, such as the new Femtolite Ultra FX-10.

Takashi Omitsu, President of IMRA, commented on the agreement: "We are making available the best product, best protection, and best value for femtosecond micromachining by extending this license to our worldwide customers." He adds, "I really appreciate the work of the University of Michigan Technology Transfer Office and their cooperation." The involved negotiation has been under discussion for about two years.

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