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May 13, 2008 08:00 ET

IMSL Libraries Help Moore Nanotechnology Customers Create Complex Surfaces With Ease

Embeds Advanced Mathematical Algorithms to Enable the Accurate Definition of 3D Freeform Optical Surfaces

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - May 13, 2008) - Today, Visual Numerics, Inc., a 37-year producer of advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, announced that Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision machining systems, has embedded IMSL Numerical Libraries into Moore Nanotech's NanoCAM product, an advanced CAM software for freeform programming and analysis.

Customers in defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, and ophthalmic industries use Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC's ultra-precision machining equipment to create 3D freeform surfaces such as optical lenses, mirrors and inserts. NanoCAM is a full 3D CAM software that enables these customers to define the precise surface that can be machined using Moore Nanotech's ultra-precision machine tools. The addition of IMSL Numerical Library math algorithms including spline definition and interpolation functions enables the accurate definition of these 3D freeform surfaces. Accurate definition is critical for ensuring quality output from the manufacturing process -- typically in nanometer range.

"IMSL Numerical Library advanced interpolation and approximation routines allow us to provide tools in NanoCAM so that our customers can create complex 3D freeform surfaces with ease," said Suneet Luniya, Software Engineer, Moore Nanotechnology Systems. "These in-depth analysis functions were easily embeddable from the IMSL Numerical Libraries and would have cost us months of development time to create internally."

The IMSL Numerical Library functions embedded into NanoCAM provide the fast computation capability required by the application. Manufacturers who need to be completely precise with the surfaces commonly interpolate point data sets ranging from 300,000 to 1,000,000 points. The ability of IMSL Numerical Library functions to process these large datasets in a fraction of a second speeds up the design and analysis process.

IMSL Numerical Library functions have been part of NanoCAM since its initial release in 2006. Originally leveraging the IMSL C Numerical Library, Nanotech is now porting their application to a C# development environment and using the IMSL C# Numerical Library for Microsoft .NET Applications. The IMSL C to C# migration process is seamless. The advanced mathematical functions needed by NanoCAM are available in both languages and input parameters are the same, so developers do not have to re-learn how to use a function in the new language. The new version leveraging a C# development environment is expected to be available later in 2008.

"Like many of our customers, Nanotech is migrating their application to a new language to take advantage of additional development tools," said Andy McClure, director of North American sales, Visual Numerics. "IMSL Numerical Libraries ensure numerical consistency across different languages and platforms, so developers don't have to hard code libraries to fit each application environment."

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Moore Nanotechnology Systems is dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machine systems typically utilizing Single Point Diamond Turning and Deterministic Micro-Grinding technologies for the production of plano, spherical, aspheric, conformal, and freeform optics. The company was established in 1997 to provide a highly focused and dedicated effort to develop, manufacture and supply ultra-precision manufacturing systems. A unique combination of the most experienced engineers, academic scholars, advanced CAD systems, manufacturing facilities, and above all -- vision -- have made Nanotechnology Systems the fastest growing company in this field. For more information about Moore Nanotechnology, please visit

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