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Journal Register Company

September 30, 2010 08:00 ET

In Another Digital First Initiative Journal Register Company Announces Augmented Reality Edition of Connecticut Magazine

YARDLEY, PA--(Marketwire - September 30, 2010) - Journal Register Company, a leading local news and information company, today previewed augmented reality technology the Company will use in the December issue of Connecticut Magazine.

Using their smartphone, readers of the December edition of Connecticut Magazine will be able to download a free junaio app from JRC partner metaio GmbH and point the phone at content in the magazine and will instantly receive additional, videos, photos, audio and more. Connecticut Magazine is the leading monthly glossy lifestyle magazine serving the Connecticut market.

"This technology leverages the power of our print brands and provides the reader with a richer, more vibrant experience that is aligned with Journal Register Company's Digital First business model," said John Paton, Chief Executive Officer of Journal Register Company. "This initiative provides new content for our audience and opportunities for advertisers for a magazine that has led its market for more than 30 years."

Mr. Paton made the announcement during a presentation in Geneva, Switzerland at the Pira Conference: Global Print Markets.

Connecticut Magazine's December edition will feature augmented content related to stories on University of Connecticut All-America basketball player Maya Moore; holiday entertaining and decorating; and The Famous 50 -- an update and re-ranking on Connecticut's hottest celebrities.

"This technology will bring the printed page to life. Readers will be able to view video; listen to audio; and more -- all from the printed page," said Jonathan Cooper, Vice President of Content.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Journal Register and Connecticut Magazine to bring a richer and more interactive experience to print by connecting the digital world with the physical," said Peter Meier, CTO of metaio.

The augmented reality technology supplied by metaio will allow Connecticut Magazine to create content that is geographically specific as well.

"Imagine a story celebrating Connecticut's 50 greatest landmarks. This technology would allow users to visit those places through the magazine. Then our readers can have a new experience using this technology while visiting those places," said Mr. Cooper. 

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junaio® is the next generation augmented reality browser for camera equipped smartphones or other mobile devices presenting users with interactive web-based information and experiences wherever they are. Point your camera, click and view -- about points of interest around you, events, places, products, news items. junaio®'s new media capabilities combine text, image, sound, video, 3D moving objects and especially augmented reality overlays onto real objects. junaio® can navigate outside as well as indoors. Due to the limitations of GPS inside buildings, junaio® uses LLA Markers to allow AR overlays inside museums, exhibitions or shopping malls with absolute accuracy. With junaio®'s open API, developers can create state of the art augmented reality applications. junaio® is available as a version for the iPhone and for Android. The Android version includes object tracking, which allows image and object recognition, leading to totally new fields of applications, especially in the consumer market.

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