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August 30, 2012 09:00 ET

In Life Is Magic, a Parallel World of Fantasy and Location-Based Mobile Gameplay Will Captivate Casual and Hardcore Gamers at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle

Red Robot Labs Premiers Its Newest Game and Celebrates the 1-Year Anniversary of the Crime MMO, Life Is Crime

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2012) -  Marking the anniversary of the debut of Life Is Crime, the hit location-based massive multiplayer online (MMO) game on Android and iOS, Red Robot Labs announces its upcoming fantasy game Life Is Magic at this year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime) in Seattle. Launching this fall for free on the Android and iOS platforms, Life Is Magic intertwines real-world locations with rapidly evolving social gameplay as players compete to become the most magical player in the world. For a visual preview of the game, view the trailer here:

"We are excited to mark the one-year anniversary of Life Is Crime and show off our newest location-based game Life Is Magic, a completely new fantasy mobile, MMO," said Pete Hawley, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Red Robot Labs.

Escaping the daily routine of work and life for a parallel world of magic, players customize their character -- a Mage, Monk or Machinist -- and discover new players, monsters, dungeons, spells, quests and events around them. In Life Is Magic players can magically travel to anywhere the U.S. visit different cites, and interact with other players and discover new dungeons, loot and magic, while building their wealth, power and influence. With a strong focus on community, players form magic circles to fight monsters, build Magic Towers and ultimately defeat the monster horde.

"With Life Is Crime, we have seen that millions of people choose to play location-based games as fun social diversion in their daily lives as they wait in line, run errands and go to work," said Mike Ouye, CEO and co-founder, Red Robot Labs. "Life Is Magic raises the location game standard with an immersive world, 3D rendered locations, character depth and advanced social gameplay."

An estimated 70,000 expected attendees of PAX Prime, taking place in Seattle on August 31-September 2, will get the first opportunity to go hands-on with Life Is Magic in the Red Robot Labs booth, #115.

An overarching theme in the game is collaboration. Teams of three players form a Magic Circle to fight monsters, collectively level up and grow the towers, as the game landscape evolves over time. In the game, the players must return riches stolen by a dark wizard to the Magic Towers they inhabit. As the gold and treasures are returned to the Towers and power is restored to the players, they train to become more powerful than those in the region where they live and across the land, in preparation for civil war. Life Is Magic presents a vivid, 3D magical fantasy world grounded in real world locations. The characters and enemies use a blend of science and elemental magic in the ultimate race to become the most influential magical player in the world.

Life Is Magic product features include:

  • Mage, Monk or Machinist - Choose and customize your character with unique abilities including: fire and ice (Mage), water, wood and healing (Monk) or harnessing the magic of science and electricity (Machinist).
  • Location-based gameplay - Discover new players, monsters, places, spells, quests and events around you. View the map and transport magically to other locations across the U.S., and eventually the world.
  • Build wealth, power and influence - Players acquire gold, fight monsters to gain power, travel great distances and stay active to raise their influence. Compete to become the most powerful mage of a city and kingdom.
  • Magic Circles - Three players form a team to fight monsters. Groups of players work together to build magic towers and increase individual and team influence.
  • Combat - All members of a Magic Circle do not need to be present to fight monsters, which are lurking in neighborhood dungeons.
  • Visit real locations - Beautifully rendered 3D streets are accurate to real locations. Each day, players can boost their score and add a point of venue for "being there."
  • Seven Regions - Players will automatically join one of seven U.S. regions each with their own banner, representing the players' home location.
  • Spells are a collection - Collect, buy, trade and upgrade spell cards, which vary in power and scarcity.
  • Transform the map and build Magic Towers - Build Magic Towers in the world, and watch the building's footprint grow alongside a Magic Circle's aggregated activity. Inactive Circles slow or stop the Tower's development.
  • Magic Towers are integral - Check Tower Member statistics, message players, chat in-game, explore the store, store gold and leave behind items for others. 
  • 10 Legendary Items - 10 unique items can be acquired for a specific point of time will be scattered across the game map. Players must rely on community knowledge and active game exploration to find the items and put them in play.

Life Is Magic is available this fall for the Android and iOS platforms. For more information visit: or follow us on Twitter @RedRobotLabs.

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Red Robot Labs is a mobile gaming start-up developing and publishing games that leverage consumers' location around the globe. Its headquarters are in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in January 2011 by a team of industry veterans, Mike Ouye, Pete Hawley and John Harris who are passionate about creating and launching innovative, highly polished mobile games. Its location-based mobile crime game, Life Is Crime for Android and iOS was named by Entertainment Weekly as one of the top 10 Apps of 2011. Investors include Social+Capital Partnership, Shasta Ventures, Rick Thompson co-founder of Playdom and Mitch Lasky, general partner, Benchmark Capital.

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