July 02, 2013 08:15 ET

In Today's Fast-Moving News Environment, PR Professionals Can Increase Media Coverage by Getting Survey Results in Hours, Suggests Cint

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwired - July 2, 2013) - Technology has changed the way that people consume news, and PR professionals can capitalize on this by deploying surveys that will result in media coverage in real time, says Cint, a provider of tools for obtaining market insight. Instead of waiting for days and weeks for survey results to be turned around, new technology allows for research to be undertaken in a matter of hours.

Long gone are the days of people tuning in to the 'News at Ten' or waiting for the daily newspaper to arrive on their doorstep in order to find out what is going on in the wide world. News is now reported immediately via 24-hour TV channels, the internet, and through social media; therefore, public reaction to external events can also be available instantaneously.

A common public relations tactic is to deploy surveys to the public in order to 'piggy back' on wider news events. For example, when employment statistics are released, a recruitment consultancy could take the opportunity to find out what the public thinks about these figures. Or if a weather forecast predicts a summer of rain, a travel company could release a survey to establish whether more people will therefore change their 'staycation' plans to a holiday abroad.

By obtaining accurate feedback from a selected target demographic, a PR professional can secure column inches for their brand through the placement of a news story reporting public opinion. Technology allows PR professionals to deploy surveys simply and effectively via online DIY tools, and to turn the results around in a timely fashion.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, comments: "Solutions such as Cint Access or Cint Plant-a-Question allow marketers to undertake consumer research on a specific demographic of individual. This can be based on a wide selection of parameters ranging from the basic age, location, job and gender, to specific hobbies, interests, skills and opinions. The software allows a survey to be deployed in minutes, and results to be turned around very quickly, meaning the PR expert can analyze the data and develop a news story to target the media with while the topic is still fresh in press coverage.

"Obtaining opinions via a market research panel is a tried and tested way for those in public relations to secure media coverage, and in this culture of 24/7 news with stories breaking instantly over Twitter, it is important that results are not only accurate, but as timely as possible. Using a tool that can deliver public views within hours is vital for PR professionals who are hoping to beat the competition and secure column inches within short timeframes."

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