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February 06, 2007 14:00 ET

In Touch Media Group Opens Beta Testing for Search Chameleon™ Dynamic Search Engine Marketing Platform

CLEARWATER, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- In Touch Media Group, Inc. (OTCBB: ITOU) has opened beta testing registration for Search Chameleon™, its proprietary landing page transformation platform. "Search Chameleon™ revolutionizes search engine marketing by dynamically changing a company's landing page in response to the specific ad and keyword a visitor clicks on -- in real time," said Toli Cefail, Chief Operating Officer for In Touch Media Group, Inc. (, a full-service marketing company that specializes in using the Internet as a key public relations and advertising tool. "Anyone running a search engine marketing campaign knows -- or will quickly learn -- that relevance is critical to ensuring that ads are shown most often for the lowest per-click cost possible. Search Chameleon™ creates relevance by automatically adjusting a landing page's text in response to the clicked ad and keyword without altering the bulk of the landing page's content."

Cefail noted that, in early testing with In Touch Media Group's clients, Search Chameleon™ routinely increased visitor conversions, increased Google page rank, increased Google ad views, and lowered Google per-click costs. "We've had tremendous success with early versions of Search Chameleon™, and are ready to present it to early adopters for beta testing," she said, noting that ITMG is accepting registrations for beta testing at "We hope this next testing phase will help us further refine the underlying technology for even greater results."

One of the first 100 companies to receive the prestigious Certified Professional status from Google AdWords, In Touch Media Group prides itself on developing cutting edge techniques and technologies to design pay-per-click search engine campaigns that generate results for their clients. Search Chameleon™ is another in a series of tools developed by ITMG to capture the essence of any search engine marketing campaign: relevance.

Google, the undisputed leader in pay-per-click revenues, determines the satisfaction of a site visitor, in part, by monitoring how long he or she stays on a web page after clicking an ad. "The longer visitors stay, the more success Google's algorithm assigns to your campaign," said In Touch Media Group Chairman Bob Cefail. "Successful Google search campaigns receive more displays and lower per-click costs."

The amount of time a visitor stays on any given site is only one part of the equation. The other part is the relevance of the ad to the site's content. "Google's algorithm also monitors your page's content, and the more relevant the page is to the ad, the more visitor satisfaction potential is attributed to your search engine marketing campaign," noted Cefail. "It always comes down to relevance."

The difficulty in maintaining relevance lies in the difficulty and cost of manually creating web pages that are relevant for each keyword and ad. By automating this process, Search Chameleon™ saves advertisers both time and money, while ensuring that their search campaigns achieve high page ranks, ad views, and conversions, while lowering per-click costs.

"We're extremely excited about Search Chameleon™," concluded In Touch Media Group Chairman, Bob Cefail. "This groundbreaking technology represents the next generation of search tools."

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