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Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc.

November 10, 2010 09:33 ET

in4, Ltd. Launches iGlue

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) - Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: PWRV), Hungary's premier technology acquisition and development company, today announced that in4, Ltd. launched the company's iGlue semantic content organizer and search application.

In development for the last three years, iGlue aims to set a new standard for browsing the internet through annotating websites and linking value added multimedia information to those annotations. Simply put the company, with the help of iGlue, is working on 'Wikifying the Web.'

 "I am extremely happy that after three long years of development work iGlue was successfully launched today for the general public. I have been fortunate enough to use iGlue for the last six months and I could not be happier with the way it functions and the value it delivers. This is the way the internet was meant to be," commented Viktor Rozsnyay, CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures "The launch of iGlue would be significant event on its own right, but with it comes the added benefit of fulfilling our mandate of finding, funding, developing and commercialising Hungarian intellectual property. We set out four years ago to be the first US style venture capital / business incubator of Hungary. We persevered against all possible odds and slowly, but surely, travelled towards our seemingly impossible to attain goal. With today's launch we have just delivered our first product, fulfilling the last remaining promise to our shareholders. I hope that in the coming months iGlue will achieve everything we believe it is capable of," Mr. Rozsnyay added.

With today's launch users can opt to either install the iGlue bookmarklet or a browser specific plug-in. The system currently supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. An Internet Explorer compatible plug-in will also be released shortly.

"Three years ago we set out with a piece of paper on which we sketched our dream for a new type of internet, one that is smarter, easier to navigate and more exciting to use. A new web we could fashion after our own hearth. We weren't sure if our vision could be implemented, but we were certain it was worth a try. With today's public launch of iGlue, we are much closer to fully manifesting our dream. We believe that this vision of a new, intelligent web is upon us and that it can be fully articulated with active user participation through the feature sets of iGlue. I hope that large numbers of people will join our experiment, and through the utilization of iGlue's machine intelligence and our human intellect we can collectively turn the internet into one cohesive knowledge-web, what we like to call a unified global wikinet," commented Peter Vasko, CEO of in4, Ltd.

The heart of iGlue is a collaboratively developed, flexible database that contains semantic elements, entities, and their relations. We believe that the collaboration of motivated and enthusiastic people will bring about a new, network-based intellectual repository of the information age, a system that will take the internet to the next level of knowledge management. Database entities are presented to users via an automated annotation process that recognizes text elements in any web page. Annotated entities become clickable junction points on which iGlue presents value added information in a rich media environment.

To begin using iGlue simply visit and install the plug-in or bookmarklet. The site also contains an explanatory video which showcases iGlue's features and illustrates its use.

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