SOURCE: Innovator Steven Blackburn

Innovator Steven Blackburn

September 25, 2014 01:00 ET

Inbiosa and Steven Blackburn Sell Vegalab Products in Costa Rica

WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 25, 2014) - Global awareness for environmental protection is rapidly growing and with it comes an increase in agricultural solutions that are sustainable and based on all-natural compounds. Over the last decade, there has been an enormous increase in the availability of organic fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides for agriculturalists around the United States. Farmers in developing countries, on the other hand, remain largely unaware of all-natural alternatives to the chemical products they have been using for decades. Now, the situation is on the verge of changing: Vegalab, an international industry leader for sustainable agricultural products, announced today that seven new organic, all-natural products are now available in Costa Rica through Inbiosa, a leading biotechnology company who has entered into a fruitful partnership with Vegalab.

Vegalab has been focusing its international efforts on Central America in recent years, because almost half of the population there is employed in the agricultural sector. Last year, Vegalab sent its Manager of Business Development, Steven Blackburn, on a tour through Panama, Guatemala, and Costa Rica to learn about the situation in the respective countries, find out more about the specific needs and challenges that farmers there are facing, as well as work together with local providers and distributors to develop a strategy to educate people and pave the way for organic farming.

Considering Costa Rica's long-standing reputation as the worldwide number one user of chemical pesticides, the need for proactive steps in this country seemed crucial. To resolve this, Steven Blackburn met with Luis Alonso Pasapera Vargas, General Manager of Inbiosa, to discuss the use of all-natural products in a country that devotes almost 10% of its land to agriculture. Utilizing the knowledge and experience Blackburn brought back from his trip, Vegalab developed a range of products that are specifically targeted to Central American farming, taking into consideration the prevailing climate, altitude, as well as the typical pests and plant disease. These products are now distributed in Costa Rica by Inbiosa and include Sili Crop, Brix Up, Kelp Max, Green Titan, Actinomax SL, Forza-N, and BioCyB.

Steven Blackburn was excited to travel to the site to talk to local farmers and personally assess the situation. "It was extremely helpful," he explains, "to see firsthand how farming is done in those countries, talk to farmers about what they are struggling with the most and help them find solutions. Realizing that Vegalab is already making products that can change their lives was really amazing. I can't wait to go back to see how much progress they have made since my last visit." In the meantime, Blackburn is busy overseeing business development for the United States and helping his colleagues to get ready for a number of upcoming trade shows in Florida and other states, where Vegalab will be presenting its latest innovations. In his free time, Blackburn enjoys gardening in his own backyard, scuba diving and spending time with his family.

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