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August 08, 2012 06:00 ET

Incapsula Launches BotoPedia, a Comprehensive Directory of Active Online Bots

New Online Service Standardizes Bot Identification Through Community-Sourced Project

REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 8, 2012) - Incapsula, a cloud-based website security and performance service, today announced the launch of BotoPedia, an online, community-sourced directory that consolidates information about active web bots. BotoPedia is designed to enable website owners and operators to identify non-human entities, thus allowing them to enforce policies to allow good bots to access their websites, while denying access to malicious bots.

Many website owners are at a loss for how to differentiate harmful bots from those that have a positive impact on the site such as search engine and monitoring agents. While certain bot traffic can be as important to a website as its human visitors, such as the Googlebot, it's crucial for website operators to block damaging bots from attempting to hack the site, scrape content and overload their servers. BotoPedia enables site owners to easily research specific bots that are crawling their website, and bot operators can have their bots verified by Incapsula to ensure they are not blocked in the future.

Incapsula is uniquely positioned to host this directory, due to its extensive cloud-based website security and acceleration service that encompasses information from thousands of its active customer websites. Incapsula uses cutting-edge technology to identify and classify website visitors and differentiate between human and non-human (bot) traffic.

A recent Incapsula study of 1,000 customer websites discovered that 16.3 percent of sites suffer from Googlebot impersonation attacks of some kind. Among those targeted sites, one out of every five Googlebots were actually impersonators.

"Incapsula has been tracking and mapping thousands of bot types since the service was launched in 2010 and is in constant contact with many of the bot operators," said Gur Shatz, co-founder and CEO of Incapsula. "We take great precaution verifying their identities and obtaining correct identification information to avoid blocking them from our customers' sites. We decided to make BotoPedia an open project, allowing not only our customers, but also third parties to use and contribute to this active directory; they can do so in conjunction with other tools or practices that keep their sites safe and operating at top speed."

The BotoPedia directory provides a broad range of information about hundreds of bots. This information includes bot classification, details about bot operators and IP address ranges that are used by the bot. This online repository is designed to allow fast and accurate classification of suspected bots according to IP address, user-agent and other identifiable information.

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