June 03, 2013 06:54 ET

Income for Norwegian Oil Workers Second to Highest in the World

OSLO, NORWAY--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2013) - It was recently announced by Hays Oil & Gas that the average yearly income for Norwegian oil workers is the second to highest income in the world.

It was stated that the average yearly income for Norwegian oil workers is 866,750NOK, 75 percent higher than the global average, according to an income survey by Hays Oil & Gas.

Hays Oil & Gas explained that the reasons for Norway's high placement are due to the country having limited access to qualified workforce combined with a high demand. This results in very high salaries.

In 2012, Norwegian oil earnings were the highest in the world with the average salary for oil workers passing the one million mark.

Norway's oil and gas wealth has played a huge role in protecting West Europe's biggest oil exporters in the Euro-crisis. Matt Underhill, administrative director of Hays Oil & Gas, explained in a press release that record-breaking levels of investments in the industry have increased demand. This, combined with a lack of qualified labour, has made wages shoot up.

The annual income survey by the employment agency Hays Oil & Gas includes over 50 countries and 24 different job positions within the oil industry. The statistics are based on the salary information of 25,000 oil workers across the world.

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