Income Streams III

Income Streams III

November 29, 2013 12:37 ET

Income STREAMS III Provides Final Merger Exchange Ratio

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 29, 2013) - Income STREAMS III Corp. ("IS STREAMS") provides the final exchange ratio and other details relating to the merger of IS STREAMS into Dividend 15 Split Corp ("Dividend 15").

All Capital Yield (TSX symbol STQ) and Equity Dividend (TSX symbol STQ.E) shares outstanding on December 1, 2013 will automatically be exchanged into an equal dollar amount of Dividend 15 units based on the November 28 net asset value (NAV) exchange ratios. One unit of Dividend 15 is comprised of one Class A share (TSX symbol DFN) and one Preferred share (TSX symbol DFN.PR.A).

The final exchange ratios are as follows:

1 STQ share will be exchanged into 1.22352296 DFN shares and 1.22352296 DFN.PR.A shares
1 STQ.E share will be exchanged into 0.37682901 DFN shares and 0.37682901 DFN.PR.A shares
(Fractional shares will not be issued)

It is expected that STQ and STQ.E shares will be halted for trading by the TSX before the opening of trading on December 3, 2013 and delisted from the TSX on that day. Any STQ or STQ.E purchased prior to the halt of these shares will receive the applicable number of DFN and DFN.PR.A shares upon settlement. The exchange of STQ and STQ.E into DFN and DFN.PR.A shares will occur automatically and no further action is required by STQ or STQ.E shareholders. This exchange is a non taxable event.

Based on the November 28, 2013 NAV exchange ratios and the market value of a Dividend 15 unit (as at November 28, 2013), STQ shareholders will receive the equivalent of $25.69 in market value of Dividend 15 units for each STQ share exchanged. STQ.E shareholders would receive the equivalent of $7.91 in market value of Dividend 15 units for each STQ.E share exchanged.

For full details on the merger, please review the Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders and the Management Information Circular which is available on SEDAR and the Company's website at

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