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Neopost Limited

May 20, 2009 11:24 ET

Increase Cash Flow, Control Costs and Improve Efficiency

Good business reasons to start using a franking machine

ROMFORD, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 20, 2009) - Controlling costs is high on today's business agenda. Reducing mail expenditure, improving cash flow and increasing postal efficiency will make a significant contribution to the bottom line.

Using a franking machine is an easy, affordable and flexible way to pay for postage as and when you need it. It allows a business to manage its mail processes efficiently whilst presenting a professional image.

Here are some key reasons why a business should start using a franking machine.

Save up to 32% on mail costs

Mail is cheaper if you frank it rather than stamp it. Franking machine users SAVE:

- At least 2p on every 1st class letter,

- At least 3p on every 2nd class letter,

- At least 54p on every parcel sent.

By formatting mail which can be read by Royal Mail's automated sorting technology, businesses can receive discounts of up to 32% off standard mailing costs. These discounts are easily accessible via a franking machine.

Eliminate the risk of under stamping and passing surcharges onto customers, or over stamping and incurring unnecessary costs. A franking machine automatically calculates the correct price.

Improve cash flow

Using a franking machine can streamline mailroom operations. By ensuring there are no disruptions to getting critical business mail out of the door, like running out of stamps, cash flow can be improved and financial delays avoided.

Increase revenue

A franking machine is a great way to advertise free on every envelope sent. Communicate a sales message to customers, increase revenue and generate brand awareness by adding an advertising slogan or promotional offer.

Never run out of postage

No more wasting time queuing for stamps. A franking machine can be re-credited online with postage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cleanse mailing lists for free

Franking machine users can include an External Return Address (ERA) on all items of mail. Mailing lists can be cleaned and updated for free. All undeliverable franked mail is returned by Royal Mail, free of charge.

Professional looking business mail

Franked mail is an easy way to promote a professional image. Include a company name and logo, and create consistency and reinforce brand with every item of post you send.

Monitor, track and control postal expenditure online

Postage expenditure and expenses can be managed with an online account allowing you to manage your postal budget more effectively.

Hassle-free postal rate updates

All the latest postal rates can be downloaded directly to the franking machine as and when they are updated.

Maximum security

A franking machine is a secure way to pay for postage. It can be fully locked and pin protected, so only authorised users can use it.

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