September 08, 2011 17:05 ET

Increased Consumer Downloads Do Not Result in Increased Use of Tablet Apps

GfK MRI iPanel Data Reveal That Two-Thirds of Downloaded Apps Are Free

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Sep 8, 2011) - As more marketers use Tablet apps to compete for consumers' attention and share of mind, new data from GfK MRI's iPanel show that increased Tablet app downloads do not necessarily result in greater consumer app usage.

Among the iPanel respondents who own a Tablet and have downloaded between one and nine apps on their device, 95% say they regularly use those apps. In contrast, only 37% of owners who have 10 or more apps on their device regularly use this many apps, while only 16% who have 20 or more apps on their device regularly use this many.

Tablet Owners Use of Apps
Number of Apps on Tablet Vs. Number of Apps Regularly Used
Number of Apps Installed % Tablet Owners Have this Many Apps Installed and Use them On a Regular Basis
1-9 apps 95%
More Than 10 apps 37%
More than 20 16%
Source.GfK MRI iPanel

How do tablet owners find out about the apps they download? Online app stores are the most powerful resource consumers have for discovering new apps. Nearly 80% of tablet owners found out about the apps they downloaded by either browsing or searching an app store or because the app was featured in an app store. Other popular ways Tablet owners find out about apps are reviews in magazines and newspapers (55% of owners), through a link within another app (24% of owners), ads on the Internet (23% of owners) and recommendations from family and friends (21% of owners).

How Tablet Owner Discover Apps
Method Used... % Tablet Owners
Browsed through/Searched in App store/ Featured in App Store 80%
Reviews in magazines and newspapers 55%
Link within another app 24%
Advertisements on the Internet 23%
Friends and family recommendations 21%
Advertisements on TV 16%
Advertisements in Magazines 12%
Advertisements in Newspapers 8%
Advertisements on Radio 7%
Source: GfK MRI iPanel

Another marketing challenge when targeting Tablet users is the paid vs. free conundrum. According to the GfK MRI iPanel, 66% of the apps that tablet owners downloaded in the last 30 days were free, while 34% were paid.

"These new insights show the challenge app marketers have when competing for Tablet users' share of mind and share of wallet," said Risa Becker, V.P Research at GfK MRI. "There seems to be a limit to the number of apps a consumer will use, regardless of how many are available to them. Moreover, consumers' reliance on free apps suggests app marketers need to continue to implement revenue plans that do not necesarilly depend on charging for apps."

The online GfK MRI iPanel is composed exclusively of adult Tablet and eReader owners. More than 3,000 consumers participated in this iPanel survey.

Please Note: GfK MRI has additional information on the app behavior of Tablet users. Click here to access a short video that shares additional insights, and visit the new Digital Intelligence section of

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