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March 12, 2010 14:13 ET

Increased Customer Retention & More Accurate Trial Results in the Global Clinical Trials Industry

GTT Offers 1st & Only Worldwide Live In-Country Telephone Number Testing & Monitoring Ensuring Customer Retention

WESTON, FL--(Marketwire - March 12, 2010) - When Steve Levenson learned that a leading global clinical trials company was losing clients and repeating costly clinical trials because the international phone numbers assigned to its customers were flawed, he knew he could offer a value-added service to global businesses.

"Global Telecom Testing (GTT) was founded specifically to address the lack of worldwide live in-country Telephone number testing on behalf of global clinical trial companies. GTT performs comprehensive testing before these international telephone numbers are delivered to clients. Only humans -- not computers -- can perform these comprehensive tests by placing live, in-country, outbound calls to the exact phone numbers that the global clinical trial co's clients will be calling," Levenson explained.

Live In-country Worldwide Testing Increases Customer Retention

"GTT's live, in-country testing ensures the robustness, integrity and reliability of a telephone number, which promotes and enhances customer satisfaction and retention," Levenson further explained. GTT employees are located in 90 countries around the globe and test telephone numbers after they are provisioned by the telco but before they are delivered to clients. The tests GTT performs ensure the numbers are operational and help to isolate service issues. GTT technicians listen to the message participants will hear, note if instructions are in the appropriate language, and test the access codes and the quality of the audio. GTT's comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) process is also available for ITFS, UIFN, TFN, VOIP, and DID networks.

According to Levenson, most global clinical trial companies rely on the local telephone companies in cities abroad to confirm numbers are operational. "For global clinical trial companies, we are talking about their business' lifeblood -- communications. The risk of relying on the local telephone companies that the numbers are operational is much like playing Russian roulette with incredibly high stakes -- customer retention and clinical trial results. More often than not, even though the overseas' local telephone company confirms a number is operational, the number doesn't work," Levenson said.

"For example, if a global clinical trial company needs international numbers in Singapore, a computer at a U.S. telecom company office tests the numbers from a switch in the U.S. to a switch somewhere close to Singapore. If the switch-to-switch trial works, the numbers are released to the client." However, this rudimentary testing is inaccurate and not indicative of working numbers in Singapore.

Reliable Service Equals Satisfied Customers and Increased Customer Retention

The only way to 100% verify that international telephone numbers are functioning in any city is to perform live, in-country tests in those cities/locations. "GTT's assets make live, outbound originating test calls to telephone numbers, simulating the client's attempt to do the same. GTT locates problems before clients are assigned the numbers which ensures customers are satisfied and helps to ensure more reliable, accurate trial results.

QoS and the customer's overall user experience are especially critical in today's economic climate. "Declining revenues for telecom providers has caused some companies to make service cutbacks. Others have merged with partners to increase profitability, but the result doesn't always benefit the customer," Levenson said.

Thousands of worldwide telephone numbers are issued annually that require post-provisioning testing & validation prior to delivery, and post-deployment monitoring. GTT is the only company that offers live, in-country testing and real-time feedback about call connection and QoS issues so that telcos can proactively correct problems.
Prospective customers benefit from a free trial with live testing in two or three countries. "We're so confident in our services that we offer potential clients a two-day trial test to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of our comprehensive testing process."

For more information about GTT services, contact Levenson at 954-358-6292 or email him at

About Global Telecom Testing, LLC: Global Telecom Testing, LLC was founded in 2007 to provide reliable testing services for the telephony industry and corporate end-users for their conference, toll, toll-free, VOIP, DID, and international networks by providing worldwide live, in-country human quality of service assurance testing.

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