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Wise Food Insurance

March 11, 2011 15:53 ET

Increasing Price of Goods, Natural Disasters, Highlight the Need for Wise Food Insurance Survival Gear Solutions

As People Lose Access to Vital Resources, Become Displaced or Are Otherwise Affected by an Emergency, the Need for Survival Food and Other Provisions Becomes More Apparent

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - March 11, 2011) -  As natural disasters, political strife and growing populations drive the cost of goods upward and create a general mood of uncertainty, Wise Food Insurance has launched a site dedicated to providing survival gear ( solutions covering essential necessities in the event of an emergency.

Each year an average of 785 natural disasters occur in the world, validating a clear need to have a disaster preparedness plan. Many people are increasingly unsettled by the prospect of being surprised by an emergency and not being ready, and are in search of reasonable ways to supply themselves with an adequate amount of food, a means to access clean water and a way to generate power.

"Wise Food Insurance was established so people wouldn't ever have worry about limited access to food, water or power during an emergency," said Russ Burraston, COO of Wise Food Insurance. "When it comes to achieving a certain level of comfort in the aftermath of a disaster, these things are vital not only to our well being, but our survival."

Providing the basic provisions that people can utilize in an emergency situation, Wise Food Insurance has combined gourmet freeze dried emergency food, advanced water filtration systems, and innovative portable solar power panels and batteries to create the ultimate preparedness packages. The new site also offers free domestic shipping on select packages, international shipping, and for a limited time, a free gift with any purchase over $200.

"We tend to take basic commodities for granted. We flip a switch and have light, we turn a tap and have water, we open a cupboard and there's food inside. What if all of the sudden it weren't that easy anymore," Burraston said. "The products we offer help make it possible for people to be totally self sufficient in the event of an emergency, and to live comfortably off the grid."

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About Wise Food Insurance:

Wise Food Insurance, LLC is an online store offering high quality survival gear ( made to protect families in emergency situations. By offering affordable and easy-to-use freeze dried food, water filtration systems, and portable solar power, the company seeks to distribute products that provide an unmatched level of preparedness. Based at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in SLC, Utah, Wise Food Insurance was created by a group who believe they've found the perfect mix of products to create the ultimate in emergency solutions.

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