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December 18, 2008 10:29 ET

Incredible "Rock Bottom Prices" for Gifts and Electronics by Top Brand Name Manufacturers Sell Every Day at DubLi "Decrease Price" Auction

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - December 18, 2008) -

Cash savings are monumental every day.

DubLi is a new and revolutionary decrease price auction site selling top name-brand products online at unprecedented low prices.

DubLi launched officially in the United States on October 4th, 2008. Whether shopping or browsing, express free membership sign-up is quick and easy at

The savings are endless.

Hundreds of brand new, below cost prices and best-selling items are available through DubLi's ingenious three (3) auctions every day where the lowest bidder ultimately wins.

Customers that shop can target the very best deals online on heavily discounted products they buy from Manufacturers they trust including Apple®, Sony®, Canon® and Nikon®.

High demand items such as iPods, iPhones, PlayStation 3s, 24K gold bars, Louis Vuitton hand bags, office equipment, cameras, home products, Walmart® gift certificates, BMWs and so much more, can be purchased at rock bottom prices as evidenced in past auctions below.

$56 Value Barbie Learning Laptop Sold for $27.75

$1,000 Value Nikon Digital Camera D 80 Sold for $399.50

$381 Value Apple iPod Touch 32 GB Sold for $20.00

$418 Value Sony PlayStation 3 80 GB Sold for $0.00 (not an error)

$120 Value Delonghi EC155 Espresso Machine Sold for $34.25

$300 Value Kenmore Gas Grill Sold for $179

$143 Value Digital Photo Frame with Pantouch Sold for $10.00

More importantly, consumer purchases are safe and secure with Wirecard®, select depot products come with the original manufacturer's warranty and purchased items are delivered by FedEx®, DHL® and/or UPS®.

DubLi is the world's first global trading, network marketing portal by which merchandise is distributed worldwide.

"DubLi brings manufacturers and power-sellers as well as private buyers and sellers from all over the world together on one large portal. In the future, different languages and currencies will not play a role at DubLi," said Michael Hansen, DubLi-innovator and founder of the company.

Here's how the decrease price auction works. When a DubLi enrolled shopper bid-clicks on the price of an item online, a credit is used to view the undisclosed price. These credits are purchased online at 80 cents each and are used to reduce the price of the item during viewing. Hence, an 80 cent bid-click by one customer reduces the price of the auctioned item by 25 cents each time the product is viewed.

A DubLi registered shopper can easily calculate the reduction in price when 100 or 1000 shoppers are bid-clicking on the same auctioned item.

"Network Marketing is about relationships. It is developing a relationship with someone [manufacturers and power-sellers] that understands the market you want to go into. That is what DubLi did," said Dean Mannheimer, Chairman of the Board for DubLi.

At a time when the U.S. economy is in a historic recession, DubLi's arrival to the United States could not have been more advantageous to DubLi registration shoppers seeking the best deals to purchase goods.

Over a six month period in select European test markets DubLi has rocketed to 1.3 million users, most of these coming in the last 8 months with the revamp of their proprietary systems interface. "The US leaders that are seeing this model are reacting in the most positive way one could ever hope for," said Dean Mannheimer.

DubLi could be predicted by some to surpass the billion-dollar, complex-increased-price auction industry with its unique decrease price auction and global trading business model.

Good luck and good shopping.

Note: Dynamic Individuals who want to become DubLi Licensed Independent Representatives with DubLi Network can research and sign up directly at

Note: All new DubLi registration shopping members shall comply with DubLi General Terms and Conditions.

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