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April 25, 2012 13:52 ET

Indeck Energy: Ash Content Related to Wood Pellet Stove Configuration

LADYSMITH, WI--(Marketwire - Apr 25, 2012) - Indeck Ladysmith, LLC, the manufacturer of Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets, is reminding consumers that the amount of residual ash left after burning any wood pellets can be directly related to their wood pellet stove's operation and configuration.

Proper installation and maintenance of a wood pellet stove can greatly reduce the amount of residual ash or the presence of "clinkers."

"The amount of ash left when a wood pellet is burned depends greatly on the temperature to which the wood pellets were raised during the combustion process," said Darren Winchester, Quality Manger, Indeck Ladysmith. "Proper calibration, and in some cases, small adjustments like increasing combustion airflow, can result in a higher functioning appliance that produces less ash."

The ash content of a wood pellet is in part a function of the many major and minor elements needed by a tree for growth. Many of these elements are extracted from the soil and atmosphere during a tree's growth cycle and are common to our environment. Ash is generally composed of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Other common elements in ash are iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, sulfur and phosphorus.

Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets meet the standards set forth by the Pellet Fuels Institute for a premium grade wood pellet and have an ash content of less than one percent.

"Wood pellets manufactured using lower quality feedstock that include things like bark or leaves generally produce more ash," said Winchester. "The majority of Indeck Ladysmith's feedstock is debarked and chipped on-site to ensure the cleanest possible raw material for production."

Consumers should consult their stoves' owner's manual and their local stove dealer or service center to properly calibrate their particular appliance.

"It is crucial that a stove operates at a temperature to allow for complete combustion of the wood pellet fuel without getting so hot that the residual ash content melts to form clinkers," said Winchester.

To learn more about burning high-quality Indeck Energy Premium Wood Pellets or for consultation on the proper calibration for your particular stove, please visit or contact 715-532-3042.

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