September 08, 2014 03:06 ET

Independent American Party of Utah Takes Strong Pursuit on Voters Awareness for 2014 Elections

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH--(Marketwired - Sept. 8, 2014) - The Independent American Party of Utah announces that they will stir robust efforts to raise voters awareness in Utah for 2014 elections and support the movement of 'Every vote count to restore America' while getting closer to General Elections on November 4, 2014, which include 17 Utah candidates from Independent American Party (PEOPL).

National Independent American Party currently has 17 vetted and approved 2014 election candidates in Utah as follows:

Dwayne Vance Candidacy, U.S. House #1
Wayne Hill Candidacy, U.S. House #2
Zack Strong Candidacy, U.S. House #3
Tim Aalders Candidacy, U.S. House #4
Leslie Curtis Candidacy, Attorney General
Charles Christensen Candidacy, State House #2
Eli Cawley Candidacy, State House #19
John Schoppe Candidacy, State House #35
Jolene Kniffing Candidacy, State House #40
Gary Van Horn Candidacy, State House #58
Jason Christensen Candidacy, State House #64
Rett Rowley Candidacy, State House #68
Nihla Judd Candidacy, State House #75
Daniel Butler Candidacy, County Commissioner, Carbon County
Tracy Allred, Sheriff, Carbon County
Kelly Johnson, County Commissioner, Sevier County
Tate Bennett, County Attorney, Juab County

IAP and its Utah candidates make a political theme to work on restoration of principles in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights originated by the 'Founding Fathers' of United States by delegating conservative outlook on community, business, and politics that many feel have been neglected or ignored by majority political parties over that the prior U.S. elections.

Previously IAPUST Chairman and IAP Congressional Candidate of Guam, Cary Lee Peterson told the press that he feels that IAP will emerge and hold a major presence in 2016 elections and that the party will continue to focus on 'Every Vote Counts to Restore America' voters awareness campaign to make sure that every citizen eligible to vote has fair opportunity and options to assure a fair outcome and election results that will enable Americans.

Article by: Allan Anderson, EMW Services

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