July 24, 2012 09:00 ET

Independent Consulting Report Shows That TagMan's Tag Management System Can Provide 128% in ROI

Major International Airline Carrier Attests to Total Benefits of Over $640,000 Across a Three-Year Span With Superior Tag Management Technology

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 24, 2012) - TagMan (, the global leader in tag management, has announced that Enterprise brands who deploy its Tag Management System can result in a 128 percent, risk-adjusted return on investment (ROI) in three years, according to a July 2012 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of TagMan. No other in-depth study on tag management has been done before over a substantial multi-year period. The study, "Total Economic Impact of the TagMan Tag Management System," revealed that TagMan produced total benefits of over $640,000 in just three years and a payback period of only 2.6 months for a major international airline carrier. The full "Total Economic Impact" study is available for download at

TagMan's customers include leading global brands across several industries including the Retail, Consumer Products, Fashion Apparel, Pharmaceutical, High-technology, Financial Services, Telecom & Mobile and Travel & Hospitality. The study gathered results through a comprehensive approach including in-depth interviews with an existing international airline carrier customer. The main drivers for the airline carrier's decision to implement TagMan were 1) to address the growing complexity and inflexibility of their pre-TagMan web environment in managing multichannel marketing campaigns and associated tags and 2) to successfully launch a global affiliate program, which required a deduplication solution to correctly pay out commissions. The TagMan implementation resulted in marketing and IT development cost savings, significant deduplication savings, and lower project costs due to faster time-to-market for the organization's marketing initiatives.

The study further revealed that implementing TagMan addressed the issues the airline carrier had around the cost of tag maintenance in their previous environment and the delay the eCommerce team faced whenever they wanted to change the tagging code on the websites. With TagMan, the eCommerce team no longer had to wait for release cycles as dictated by the company's IT organization. Changing tracking codes on the website now took minutes compared to previous project periods of up to three months. 

"We can now separate marketing code from functional code from the website which is nice, clean, and always a good idea," said the Head of eCommerce at the airline carrier.

The international airline carrier experienced the following quantitative and qualitative benefits:

  • More efficient marketing spend from commissions saved due to deduplication of performance media.
  • Productivity savings for both IT and eCommerce teams through nimble marketing activity and faster time-to-market for marketing initiatives.
  • Improved ability to optimize marketing activity by understanding the interactions among different channels.
  • Improved marketing performance from better targeted campaigns and response rates.
  • Improved coverage and consistency of measurement.
  • Improved privacy and control to comply with government regulations.
  • Improved site performance with faster loading for web pages.

"Over the years, we have heard from many eCommerce customers about the high levels of ROI they have been able to achieve by implementing TagMan," said Nancy Marzouk, CRO of TagMan. "We are happy to have these metrics quantified and documented by Forrester Consulting, and hope that they help e-businesses make well-informed decisions when choosing the right tag management system for their business."

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