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January 21, 2016 10:00 ET

Independent Study Finds VMTurbo Enables Improved Performance for Large Virtual Environments

Analysis Shows 33% Improved Performance Through Automated Decisions

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - January 21, 2016) -  VMTurbo, the only real-time application performance control system, today announced the findings from a recent analysis conducted by Principled Technologies. The study found that by executing VMTurbo's automatable decisions, such as relocating VMs to less-congested storage to reduce latency, the performance of applications in Principled Technologies' virtual test environment improved by 33%.

"In our hands-on study, we found that adding VMTurbo to our virtual environment enabled us to control resource and storage allocation in a simple, straightforward way and ensure we get the most of our configuration," said John McMains, CEO of Principled Technologies. "By implementing the decisions provided by VMTurbo, we saw increased orders per minute by 33%, delivering a 23% better response time just one week after deployment."

During the course of the study, Principled Technologies deployed VMTurbo into a DRS and Storage DRS-enabled VMware vSphere 6.0 cluster to test its capabilities. The cluster represents a typical unit of deploying mission-critical applications within enterprise datacenters. To create a realistic environment simulating scale, Principled Technologies deployed test clients, requesting data from multiple Microsoft SQL servers running several different workloads on three different database sizes. VMTurbo was deployed across the application, virtualization, storage and fabric layers and was configured with full automation enabled.

"As environments scale and new workloads are added, assuring application performance, the life blood of nearly every company, becomes increasingly complex and near impossible for human beings to manage manually," said Yuri Rabover, Co-founder and SVP of Product Strategy at VMTurbo. "The results of the study prove that companies leveraging VMTurbo's decisions at the application, virtualization, fabric and storage layers can not only guarantee QoS but in fact improve the performance of their applications, while being efficient and cost conscious with existing resources."

Utilizing the additional insight the Application and Storage Control Module granted, VMTurbo recognized the I/O demands of the SQL servers in the environment. VMTurbo intelligently placed virtual disks based on the performance of the underlying storage. Throughout the testing week VMTurbo incrementally moved more I/O heavy VMDKs to flash or high-speed disk-based storage while shifting low-demand VMDKs to high-capacity low performance spindles. 

The Principled Technologies report was submitted and approved by the VMware benchmarking approval process and is compliant with their terms for publication. This process assures that VMware verified the testing configuration systems under test and final results to ensure testing produced the best performance possible and is free of pitfalls and misleading conclusions.

Principled Technologies is a leading provider of technology assessment and fact-based marketing services. For the full report by Principled Technologies, click here.

About VMTurbo

VMTurbo's Application Performance Control system is trusted by nearly 1300 enterprises to guarantee Quality of Service for any application while maximizing resource utilization in cloud and virtualized environments, including OpenStack. VMTurbo's patented decision-engine technology dynamically analyzes workload demand and automatically matches it to infrastructure supply, taking into consideration application priority and any business or technical constraint.

The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010, and users today include many of the world's leading financial institutions, social and e-commerce sites, carriers and service providers. Leveraging VMTurbo, our customers, including PNC, Travelport and Thomson Reuters, assure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing their most valuable infrastructure and human resources most efficiently. To learn more, visit

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