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May 17, 2011 14:30 ET

Independent Study Reveals 365% ROI and 4.3 Month Payback on Three Year License for Companies Using Yammer

Study Highlights Significant Benefits and Cost-Reduction for Companies With Yammer Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2011) - Yammer, Inc., the leading social enterprise network, today announced the results of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Yammer titled, The Total Economic Impact of Yammer (April 2011). Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with executives from four Yammer customers with mature networks and paid licenses. Forrester then compiled the interview results to design a composite customer case study of a 21,000-employee organization with 7,000 Yammer users. The study concluded that Yammer generated a risk-adjusted return on investment (ROI) of 365 percent with a payback period of 4.3 months and $5.7 million in net present value for companies using its social enterprise network platform over a three-year term.

According to Forrester, innovation, collective decision-making and better access to information and expertise across organizational and geographic boundaries are the next big opportunities for enterprises.

Among key benefits highlighted in the Forrester TEI study of Yammer are the following:

  • Visible collaboration and communication leading to project cost savings from duplication of work and reorganization of processes
  • Improved employee productivity for engaged Yammer users due to information-sharing and better access to expertise
  • Improving vertical communication between company leadership and employees
  • Providing a public venue for and record of conversations
  • Faster onboarding with an average of a ten percent reduction in new hire training costs

Specific examples of benefits noted during the study include:

  • An organization that discovered an 18-step process involving seven different systems could be streamlined to eight steps, saving 20 minutes per week for 650 agents while improving customer service.
  • An organization with a 12-person team shared a pilot program on Yammer, enabling seven other teams to repurpose the program without reduplicating work and saved 5,040 man-hours in the process.

According to the Forrester TEI of Yammer Study, "The data collected in this study indicates that deploying Yammer has the potential to provide a solid return on investment through quantifiable project cost savings, productivity benefits, and reduced training costs. The risk-adjusted ROI of 365%, along with a rapid payback period (breakeven point), raises confidence that the investment is likely to produce a positive outcome... based on these findings, companies looking to implement Yammer can anticipate significant productivity gains and cost savings."

"This study backs up the tremendous amount of positive feedback we've received from customers who have experienced increased productivity and employee engagement after adopting Yammer," said David Sacks, CEO of Yammer. "We look forward to continuing to improve the product so companies reap the benefits of greater collaboration."

The companies interviewed during the study included:

  • A diversified global media and technology firm with more than 50,000 employees and 18,000 Yammer users.
  • A Fortune 500 multinational biopharmaceutical company with more than 60,000 employees and 11,000 Yammer users.
  • A leading IT service company in Northern Europe that provides IT and product engineering services. With 17,000 employees in different countries, it has more than 4,900 Yammer users.
  • A regional division of a North American automobile and travel organization serving more than 4.5 million members. It has 5,000 employees with more than 3,700 Yammer users.

The full study is available for download here:

For this study, Forrester Consulting used its proven TEI framework, which provides a complete picture of technology investment decisions. This multistep approach evaluated the impact Yammer can have on a composite organization by first interviewing Yammer product development, marketing, sales, and customer support staff as well as Forrester Research analysts to gather data relative to Yammer and the enterprise collaboration market in general. Forrester Consulting then interviewed four organizations currently using Yammer to obtain data with respect to costs, benefits, risk, and flexibility. Based on characteristics of the interviewed organizations, Forrester Consulting designed a composite organization and constructed a representative financial model, populated with the applied cost and benefit data.

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