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January 18, 2007 18:02 ET

Independent Telecom Expense Management Association Launched

MADISON, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 18, 2007 -- The Independent Telecommunication Expense Management Association (I-TEM) today announced its official formation, and the launch of the association's website and inaugural membership drive. I-TEM was formed by the CEOs of a group of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) companies from across the U.S. who believe that independence from traditional telecom service providers is a key differentiator when end-user enterprises seek solutions to control, manage, audit and contain telecom expenses.

"The founding members of I-TEM are dedicated to telecom carrier independence and the associated fiduciary duties that come with independently managing a customers' telecom spend," said Nancy Peckham, CEO of Visicom, and founding member of I-TEM.

As of this date, I-TEM members include: ICOMM Consulting of Oak Park, IL; Visicom of Madison, WI; Teligistics of The Woodlands, TX; TSG Enterprises of Memphis, TN; Telytics of Carlsbad, CA; Dietrich Lockard Group of St. Louis, MO and TnT Partners of Sandy Hook, CT.

I-TEM has stated core initiatives for the group, which include expanding market awareness of the value proposition offered by ethical TEM providers through client education. In addition, I-TEM members provide an independent voice for defining clear standards for the TEM industry. I-TEM has also set objectives for its members to affect the improvement of telecom carrier electronic invoicing, dispute resolution, billing accuracy and customer service.

Peckham also stated, "When you have a single collective voice of independent TEM companies who literally represent hundreds of enterprise customers and very large telecom budgets, it gives the association the strength to affect change where it is needed."

In order to become an I-TEM member, a TEM provider-applicant must go through an application process and make a statement certifying that the prospective member does not receive commissions or fees (directly or indirectly) from any telecom carrier in the performance of its functions relative to its role as a telecom expense management firm.

The TEM industry has continued to grow due to the complexity and inefficiencies of current telecom carrier billing practices. Technology changes, the rapid growth of wireless voice and data, and the mergers of large telecom companies have necessitated a high degree of expertise to manage and control these expenses.

"The process for billing telecommunications expenses has become so complex that it's untenable for anyone less than an expert to understand the bill, let alone verify its accuracy," said Martha Buyer, an attorney whose practice is limited to representing end users of telecommunications services. "I-TEM member firms provide invaluable expertise to end users while simultaneously improving efficiency for clients."

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