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March 29, 2005 08:40 ET

Independent Test Results Confirm Bacterial Removal Abilities

Proof That ARTI-64™ Significantly Reduces Bacteria in Drinking Water

RALEIGH, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 29, 2005 -- Metals & Arsenic Removal Technology, Inc. (MARTI), a portfolio company of HydroFlo, Inc. (OTC BB: HYRF), announced confirmation of original bacterial removal test results of arsenic removal media (ARTI-64™). The testing evidenced significant reduction of bacteria including Coliform, E. coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus.

Original laboratory tests conducted by internal methods uncovered significant decreases in bacterial levels in drinking water once filtered through the ARTI-64™ media. To confirm results, MARTI commissioned Microbac Laboratories to conduct a blind study of ARTI-64™, which confirmed initial results. Each bacteria was tested individually and both Coliform and E. coli, were added to the sample at approximate levels of 1000 parts per million (ppm). Once treated with ARTI-64™, each was significantly reduced to only 30 ppm. Staphylococcus Aureus, commonly known as staph., was found to have a concentration of 117,000 ppm. Once filtered with the ARTI-64™, staph. bacteria was reduced to non-detectable levels.

                       LAB DATA USING ARTI-64™
                Test performed by Microbac Laboratories
                 Southern Testing And Research Division

                     Total Plate    Coliform    E. coli    Staphylococcus
                        Count                                  Aureus

Original                 N/A          N/A      49,000 ppm    117,000 ppm

Filtered with Basic
Water Filtration
System (unnamed)     107,000 ppm   < 1000 ppm  < 1000 ppm      240 ppm

After ARTI-64™
Treatment             44,000 ppm      30 ppm     30 ppm     Undetectable

George Moore, COO of MARTI, commented, "We have always known that ARTI-64™ is an effective and efficient means of eliminating arsenic and other contaminants in drinking water. These latest test results delve further into the list of contaminants that ARTI-64™ can reduce, which as our original testing illustrated, includes the removal of disease causing bacteria. We are excited to offer such a unique product to the world."

ARTI-64™ media will be included in WAL S.A. water filter cartridges for household use to be distributed by MARTI throughout the Americas and the Caribbean this spring. Kelly International will also market and distribute MARTI's arsenic removal processes and products in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, western Africa, and New Zealand. Another unit currently in production is a compact portable filtration unit designed for individual usage. This unit, otherwise knows as FATS, was created specifically for military and outdoor usage and prepared to be lightweight and withstand harsh elements.

"As the numerous capabilities of the ARTI-64™ are confirmed, it becomes even more evident of the vast service that MARTI can offer all nations," explained Dennis L. Mast, CEO of HydroFlo. "The mission for which HydroFlo was formed was to provide clean water to the world. The confirmation of the results of ARTI-64™ increases my belief that we can fulfill this mission better than any other water filter company."

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