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November 09, 2007 09:00 ET

Independent Testing of MSE Enviro-Tech Corp.'s Hartindo AF31 Earns Class A Rating

BRENTWOOD, TN--(Marketwire - November 9, 2007) - MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. (PINKSHEETS: MEVT) (FRANKFURT: MEH) is pleased to announce that Hartindo AF31, its multi-purpose, water-based, non-toxic and non-corrosive fire extinguishing and fire inhibiting agent, has obtained a Class A rating in recent independent testing.

Independent Testing

MSE Enviro-Tech's supplier of the Hartindo anti-fire products, Megola Inc., recently announced the positive results of a test conducted in accordance with ASTM E-84-07, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, at SGS U.S. Testing Co. in Fairfield, New Jersey: A wood sample treated with a formulation of Hartindo AF31 designed for use in forest fires achieved a Class A rating (Flame Spread rating of 20 and a Smoke Developed value of 50) after exposure to test conditions. The results are identical to those obtained with Hartindo AF21 Fire Inhibitor during a test conducted in August 2007. (

Commenting on these most recent test results, Michael Gardner, Environmental Scientist at Megola Inc., stated, "We are very pleased with, but not surprised by the results of this test. These results further substantiate our claims that AF31 is not only a very powerful fire extinguishing agent, but also a very effective fire inhibitor. In terms of fighting forest fires, it shows that AF31 is a very useful tool, not only to extinguish fires, but also in creating fire breaks in advance of the fire. It can even be applied directly to critical structures and valuable property to reduce the risk of them being destroyed."

AF31 Treatment

Douglas fir was used as the test material for the ASTM E-84 test. Hartindo AF31 was sprayed on the surface of the wood before being subjected to the test conditions. AF31 does not penetrate and remain in the wood like AF21, but instead adheres to the surface of the treated material until washed away. The particular formulation of AF31 used in this test is designed for use in forest fires. It is intended to fight and inhibit large Class A fires (defined by wood and other ordinary combustibles) and is slightly different than the AF31 formulation designed for use in fire extinguishers and fire trucks.

About AF31

AF31 is a water-based, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, non-toxic and non-corrosive fire extinguisher and inhibitor. In its different forms and using different equipment, it can be used to fight fires of all types. It can be deployed by portable fire extinguishers, backpack sprayers, fire trucks and water-bombing aircraft depending on the fire situation. It has been used effectively in Indonesia for many years to fight forest fires and protect critical installations from the effects of fire.

About the ASTM E-84 Test

The purpose of this test is to determine the relative burning behavior of a material by observing the flame spread along the test specimen and the smoke developed during the fire exposure. A flame spread and smoke development index are reported after a 10-minute fire exposure. Inorganic cement board and unfinished red oak flooring are used as comparative standards, assigned arbitrary values of 0 and 100, respectively. The results dictate whether a material meets the parameters for the Class A, B or C Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Category. Class A materials must have a flame spread between 0-25, Class B: 26-75, and Class C: 76-200. Smoke development must be between 0-450 for all classes.

MSE Enviro-Tech Corp.

MSE Enviro-Tech owns the United States Agency Rights to the Hartindo line of products, including the various Hartindo anti-fire products that have been effective in numerous other countries and which are being introduced across the United States by MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. As previously announced, a recent independent "mattress burn" test confirmed that the Hartindo AF21 Fire Inhibitor met all the requirements of the new U.S. national flammability standard for mattresses, which took effect on July 1, 2007. In another independent burn test carried out on treated wood for home construction, AF21 fully met the requirements for the Class A Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Category. Latterly, the Class A designation earned by AF31 during a test of wood treated with a formulation of Hartindo AF31 designed for use in forest fires, reinforces the belief that AF31 has a broad set of fire extinguishing and fire retardant applications.

The Company is in the process of establishing a nationwide network of agents and distributors for the complete line of Hartindo environmentally friendly anti-fire products, encompassing AF21, a Fire Inhibitor, AF11E, a 1:1 Halon replacement alternative, and AF31, a Fire Extinguishing and Fire Inhibiting product that can be used on all classes of fires, as well as the Titan 21 Fire Blanket.

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